Creation: Emerald Moth


emerald mothOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotos taken by Malcolm Wilton-Jones in Llíria, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain.

Geometrinae is the nominate subfamily of the geometer moth family. The geometer moth family has around 35,000 species of moths.

Geometrinae are small, light bluish green moths, leading to the common name of emerald moths. There are about 2,300 described species, mostly from the tropics.

Emerald moths have a wing span of less than an inch, about 15-20 mm or 0.59-0.78 inch.

H/t Project Noah



5 responses to “Creation: Emerald Moth

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for showing us another one of God’s beautiful creations, that magnificent moth! Thank you God for all that you have created!


  2. Amazing.


  3. It looks so delicate!! Green is my favorite color.


  4. Arthur L. Brown Sr.

    Looks like it could have been carved out of some Alaskan Jade ( many shades of greens and browns, of which that shade is very common.)


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