What’s in the Toybox?


We all know children learn through play.  The question is, what are the life lessons in this collection of toys?   ~LTG 

H/T  Rosa Koire and Charlotte Iserbyt

Playmobil -Robo Gangster Laboratory

Amazon.com-Playmobile Security Checkpoint Amazon.com Playobile Robo-Gangster SUV Amazon Playmobile Police Transport Vehicle Amazon-Playmobil -Police with Thief Amazon Playmobil Swat Vehicle


9 responses to “What’s in the Toybox?

  1. Ok so do I understand correctly that the problem is that someone is trying to glorify being a gangster?!


  2. Every Podunk cop shop received stimulus money to spend on SWAT vehicles and the trappings of Fascism to control us mere subjects if we are bold enough to stand up for our rights. This has continued in the last few years as every county sheriff, town PD, Stadt Polizei, has received either GM or Chrysler cars and SUVs to bump up “sales” numbers for our bailed out auto unions. The corruption sometimes takes my breath away.


    • Yes, I’ve heard that Dept of Homeland Security has been handing out goodies to local police all across the country, like candy. Except, of course, it’s all paid by taxpayers and adding to the regime’s budget deficit and America’s $16.4+ national debt.


  3. The complete catalog in the Playmobil Police Collection is here:


  4. While looking for a Lego set for my grandson, I noticed that that they have not only a police car, but a “prisoner transport” van!!

    Good grief!!


  5. Ah, Playmobil… European and there’s a reason our ancestors left Europe and started a country where they had limited gov’t, freedom of religion, etc.


  6. Interesting find! Back 20 or so years ago my kids played with playmobile toys and they were all animals… farm and jungle types of sets. The world is changing at an alarming rate… innocence lost!


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