Ben Swann: Are recent shootings the work of lone gunman?

Ben Swann, news anchor and investigative reporter for Channel Fox 19 in Cincinnati, is that rare journalist who’s actually curious and asks impolite questions instead of parrot the group-think that passes for journalism in America today.

Here’s Swann asking whether a lone gunman really is responsible for the recent spate of shootings in Newtown, CT; Aurora, CO; and that Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

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3 responses to “Ben Swann: Are recent shootings the work of lone gunman?

  1. Hi there! I did mention the interview Dr Manning fromAtlah World Mnistries had with Mr Stein or Steen who says there are literally hundreds of terrorist cells here in the US. This “War” against or on behaf of “terror” seems to be we the people versus the likely? allies of the US government namely the Al Quada, aka terrorist group umbrella name for armed mercenaries who work for bucks and honor in Allah heaven against the white devils,us inother words Senator Feinstein’s billtocurb the 2nd amendment is drawing much criticism, so JohnMcCainis pushing for specialpowers to overturn the rules of the Senate so that the billto disarm the Amerian people can pushed through right way. Rand Paul is doing his best to thwart this plan. The Constitution is under attack and we must let our congressmenknow we are not for this happening. We are all for the passage of the Bill for the reinstatement of Glass Steagall which has already been reintroduced into the House of Reps, this session, and Rep.Jones’s bill to impeach the President should he start another war up without the consent of Congress. Kiling Americans randomly for the sake of taking away our constitutional rights is not productive. It is causing division and we are meant to unify ourselves against the enemy, led by Ben Bernanke who is issuing credit which is worthless, buying up over a trillion dollars worth of worthless bankster debts eah year, and dminishing the value of the hours worked by the work force because our wages cannot pay to sustain our lives. We have to take the battle onto the battlefield where it belongs, insist that the bailouts cease, and have plans drawn up to put people back to work on projects that will work because they will be based upon scientific research and developent so that the real economy,the physical economy can become more prodctive per head per square kilometer. This depends on less expensive efficient forms of energy being produced so that greater results can be expected from hours worked. We cannot work by a flickering light powered by a solar panel or windmill. Greenies go home. That is another head of the enemy,not the poor citizen who is being stripped of all his constitutional rights, we are a sovreign nationa and we do not owe the Federal Reserve or the Greenies any obeisence We have the right to have Congress utter credit for projects like mag lev railroads, spceexploration and huge water management projects so that we can increase our industrial and agrcultural capabilities. That is what government shouldbe all about, not tearing down the people. We have to live in the future,that is imagine a future that will be powerful enough to warrant us drawing up plans that may take two generations time to complete, but that which will result in something good, not try to prevent progress by going with austerity and perpetual bailouts. Weimar inflationdid not work in Germany.


  2. The mainstream media stories are starting to unravel. We need more journalists like this.


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. It appears that important evidence is being deliberately avoided or not spoken of for reasons unknown at this time. Consequently, one must question all of the evidence if some of it is being deliberately ignored, and where that leads us.


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