This is why Obama was reelected

America, the United States of Stupids


H/t Break



8 responses to “This is why Obama was reelected

  1. OMG! Public schools, teacher’s unions, and other various and sundry assorted liberal types.


    • Double OMG! At first I only noticed the wrong birthdate and age (2,013 years old), but the spelling too? We’re doomed! Now I fully believe we must immediately close down public schools nationwide, shitcan the teachers, and start from scratch. Yes, we may lose many youth in the process, then again, maybe not. They’re not learning anything anyway, we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Of course, start from scratch. It is the only way to fix the problem (after we kill off the liberal slime, lol!)


  2. Especially since she’s a Sophomore in college these days…


  3. Shaking my head——-this is the future generation?????


  4. Shaking my head side to side, sigh—


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