Deceiver in Chief reveals first moves

The Weekly Standard published an article yesterday revealing a promise made on Huffington Post to assure the Left he has not forgotten his plan to fundamentally change America. ~TD

illustration0001Obama to ‘Quickly’ Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control

W.H. pledges action this month.

6:54 PM, JAN 2, 2013 • BY DANIEL HALPER

President Barack Obama will go for immigration reform and gun control this month, the White House tells the left-leaning Huffington Post. Obama’s actions will reportedly be done “quickly.”

“An Obama administration official said the president plans to push for immigration reform this January. The official, who spoke about legislative plans only on condition of anonymity, said that coming standoffs over deficit reduction are unlikely to drain momentum from other priorities. The White House plans to push forward quickly, not just on immigration reform but gun control laws as well,” reports the Huffington Post.

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16 responses to “Deceiver in Chief reveals first moves

  1. Thanks for sounding the warning, TD.
    Deceiver in Chief – how fitting!


  2. Oh how I HATE that man and those that back him.


  3. Uh-oh, Al Sharpton already went one further…


  4. I am becoming very alarmed about the immediate future of this country.

    The communists are running amok deconstructing this nation at an alarming (and rapidly accelerating) rate, and the House republicans are doing less than nothing about it.

    In fact, they are actually helping them.

    Either they are too stoopid to see what the comrade Dear Ruler and his horde of America-hating tyranists are clearly doing, or they actually support it.

    I really don’t see this country making it to 2016 in any recognizable form – and once gone, there will be no getting it back.




  5. I tried to warn people back in 2008 about the consequences of Electing Barack Obama President of the United States. Behind the change, yes we can slogans, the absurd comparisons of Obama and Dr. King,I knew that the shit was about to hit the fan in this country and that the “change” would be that Americas values, morals, and Freedoms would suffer even more.


  6. There may not be much of a future at all, with the declining morals of this country.


  7. Remember back in 2008 when the Rev. Jesse Jackson stated off camera that he wanted to cut Obama b—s off? Instead of everyone being upset ot startled by Jacksons comments, they should asked themselves “why would Jackson make a comment like that” Maybe Jackson knew something that the rest of us should have known.


  8. Trail Dust, I think they call might also be called “sell outs”——-.


  9. Wow–honestly I wasn’t drinking there——-I intended to say, I think they might also be called “sell outs”–!


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