2013, Early Entrant For FOTM Darwin Award

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Yep folks, the inmates are running the asylum again.  Ughh
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posted on January 2, 2013 by Philip Hodges
6-Year-Old Suspended For Saying, “Pow”
Michael Moore recently said that the only reason white people are buying a bunch of guns in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting is that they’re fearful. Afraid of black people specifically. He said, “Calm down, white people, and put away your guns.” So if we’re all buying guns and ammo out of fear of the black man, what emotion would cause this idiocy: a 6-year-old boy was suspended from school for making his hand in the shape of a gun and pretend shooting it, saying, “Pow,” as it was pointed at a fellow student. Were school officials actually scared that a bullet was going to come out of the child’s index finger and kill his classmate? So, it’s not fear that’s driving this; it’s pure stupidity.
Renee Garraway, the Assistant Principal in this Montgomery County, Maryland school, sent a letter home with the 6-year-old. Her letter, addressing the child’s parents, stated in part that “your son … was involved in a serious incident. [He] threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken to earlier today about a similar incident.” He threatened to shoot a student? Are they kidding? He was probably playing a version of Cops and Robbers. He’s a little boy. At one time, such behavior was considered normal for little boys. Nowadays with the abject paranoia of the left, this child’s configuring his fingers in the shape of a gun is worthy of suspension
And because of the school’s “no tolerance” policy and ridiculous overreaction, the parents have had to retain an attorney, Robin Ficker. Ficker pointed out that “five years from now when someone at Montgomery County looks at [the child’s] permanent record, they’re going to see that he threatened to shoot another student.”
This is similar to another recent incident where a 3-year-old deaf student was told he had to change his sign language name because the hand gestures for the name “Hunter” resembled guns, much like the 6-year-old’s “gun” above being used to shoot a fellow student.
Government schools are proving themselves to be dangerous, mentally, emotionally and physically. They’re also run by imbeciles who think they’re doing society a favor by removing the kids with “behavior problems” such as the child who was playing Cops and Robbers. Shutting down these government schools would do society a much greater favor.
PS.   Stock up on cases of Duct Tape, Horde it. You will need it as your head will explode a lot this year. 🙁

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0 responses to “2013, Early Entrant For FOTM Darwin Award

  1. These paranoid, idiotic ‘educators’ are impervious to ridicule. These school ‘non-incidents’ seem to occur all the time, yet the insanity continues, and our children still get no value for money spent on education by the taxpayer for this substandard class of parasites that have set the bar so low for themselves and the students. Only their recalcitrance aided by the teacher’s unions, and their political clout preserve their perversely self-serving status quo.
    I agree, public education in America is broken, and is not fixable. It is time to close these ‘factories of falure’ who’s only purpose is to keep these self-serving slugs employed. Drastic as this sounds, no solutions can be found until this happens and forces a solution for educating the next generations. Liberalism is the ruin of this once-great nation. Now we have become a nation of ‘freebie hoarders.’
    “Gimme gimme gimme!”

  2. well look at all the dim bulbs that have invaded the teaching profession affirmative action and race norming have deluged and lowered the standard for teachers to such a low point soon many dogs will be qualified to become teachers. example score a 17 on your act no problem if you’re black you still get into college not so if you are white or asian so these (scholars) who couldn’t handle high school academics are now college students who are then race normed through school because heaven forbid that they flunk out so now in the real world these (morons) become teachers and complain that there is some sort of glass ceiling or racial discrimination holding them back when in the first place they should never have been accepted into college in the first place. and folks these cretins are who are teaching many of our children today teaching and administrating stupid so in equality everyone can be stupid too


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