This is how the 2nd Amendment looks to the Left


Of course we couldn’t defeat the advanced weapons of a modern military…

lion pondering face full of quills

But who wants a face full of quills?


3 responses to “This is how the 2nd Amendment looks to the Left

  1. One truly wonders just how many mass shootings the Conspirators will have to stage, before ‘they’ get the public consensus/mandate they need, to attempt to dis-arm the Sheep? After all, there is presently, an over-abundance, of over-medicated misfits, that have fallen through society’s cracks. These make very good ‘operatives’, beginning(?) with Sirhan Sirhan, And, of course we have more recent examples. But, before that, it was Oswald, another misfit. John Hinckley creeps into my mind.
    After a hard won victory over the Central Bank, Andrew Jackson had two pistols miss-fired at him, at point-blank range, by an unemployed house painter. No doubt, he had been nefariously persuaded, that Jackson, was the embodiment, of all his woes.


  2. Of course, the Left would be the lion… saying how bad it is for the tasty porcupine to be armed.


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