Hallelujah! A Child is Born!

I believe I posted video this last year; but, I can’t find it so I’m reposting it again this Christmas.  This modern carol was written and performed by Dr. Jed Santa Maria, a medical doctor  specializing in neurology, who is also a wonderfully gifted musician. It is included in his album called “That’s How You Know It’s Christmas,”  When I shared my video with him last year, he emailed me to say that he liked it and posted it on his Facebook page. 

The images are by the 19th Century artist, James Tissot.  Tissot’s early work was devoted to the highly commerical and profitable worldly subjects of his day.  He spent the latter part of his career  traveling in the Holy Land as background to illustrate the New Testament.  The Brooklyn Museum purchased his entire collection entitled “The Life of Christ.”  The book, “James Tissot: The Life of Christ” featuring this collection is available at Amazon.com.


9 responses to “Hallelujah! A Child is Born!

  1. Who could fathom the love of Christ who was willing to come to earth to help a corrupt, rebellious people by suffering and dying just so they may have life! Praise Jesus forever!


  2. Arthur L. Brown Sr.



  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for bringing us this musical and soothing holy pictures video……………….Hope you are having a wonderful day! Love from Alice


    • Dear Alice,

      I’m so glad you like FOTM’s lowtechgrannie‘s post! She is amazingly talented with her video creations. Definitely a very high tech grannie. 😀

      Love from Eowyn.


  4. Well done LTG, you “da bomb”…


  5. Thank you “high”techgrannie for this beautiful post. I especially love the light used in this video. Christmas has not ended. In the liturgical calendar, it is celebrated through Epiphany, the time the wise men came to worship Jesus and offer Him gifts. This year, it falls on January 6th. It also happens to be the birthday of St. Joan of Arc. We are still celebrating!


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