4 responses to “Screen-Shot-2012-12-19-at-4.37.32-PM

  1. May God have mercy on them


  2. I’m so stunned at the depraved, sick thinking I just can’t find the words. Lord please show them the way.


  3. As if abortion is not heinous enough, but to create a mass mockery of this act goes beyond any sence of conscience of the sanctity of human life. Clearly, the creator of this abomination is well aware of the LIVES abortion destroys. It is clear that these depictions ARE in fact babies as has been argued for years by proabortion groups. Heaven is filled with the souls of these untainted innocent children, but their blood remains on the hands of their perpertrators. Perhaps the only solace is in the knowledge that God is a just judge.


  4. ANd they think the biggest issue society has is GUN CONTROL,,,Address the depraved indifference for human life and you may just slow down massacres.


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