We finally got the tree up!

Yesterday, after a great struggle and much hair-pulling, my husband and I finally got the Christmas tree up!!!

If I may say so myself, we sure did a great job!

I just love the smell of pine! 😀




Christmas tree



11 responses to “We finally got the tree up!

  1. …wow!… this must have taken you a whole to put up!… =D


  2. But Joan where are the lights?


  3. yourothermotherhere

    Well done!


  4. OK, got it, going to get ours now before they’re all gone….


  5. Actually, our tree was put up the end of November and it is very beautiful. I have only ornaments on it of God’s creatures, little birds, squirrels, owls, bears and such.


  6. I sho’ hopes ya’ll din’t herniate any discs…


  7. thats where my tree is.


  8. That’s about the size of tree I expect to be getting this year…also!


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