America à la Star Wars

On December 11, 2012, The Telegraph reports the astounding news that the latest UK Census figures show that the Star Wars movies’ Jedi “religion” is the most popular alternative faith in the UK.

In the popularity stakes, Jedi is the 7th most popular religion — behind the mainstream religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism, and ahead of other alternate faiths of Paganism, Spiritualism, Jainism, Heavy Metal, and Scientology.

No doubt, Americans are not far behind the Brits on that, since our young more and more are nursed on the teats of Hollywood and pop culture. So here’s a cartoon that should make America understandable for SNL-Jon Stewart Show dumbed-down Americans.


H/t A Lightning War For Liberty



3 responses to “America à la Star Wars

  1. Can’t get it any plainer than that! The Brits have ALWAYS been a LOT STUPID, they still believe in the Monarchy and they like being subjects, they have already lost their guns, so they are at the mercy of their tyrannical government! They want us to follow suit, WRONG! Semper Fi.


  2. Of course, Admiral Ackbar told us…


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