Michigan’s Right to Work Bill Has Unions All Shook Up

This is Huge!



5 responses to “Michigan’s Right to Work Bill Has Unions All Shook Up

  1. Yea, that’s got to irk them for sure.. LOL


  2. 🙂


  3. At one point in our country’s short life, unions were needed to make the work place safer, reform work hours and get decent pay. But all that has changed. As an example, what did the union do for all of the Hostess employees. It advised the bakers union to go on strike even after Hostess told both the union and the employees Hostess would have to close the doors and file for bankruptcy if they did so. Well they went out on strike and the end result; 18,000 unemployed union bakers and truck drivers. Real smart move people. Unions do not have YOUR interests at heart. Unions only want YOUR union dues. Each member is looked at as $$$$$$ only. Great Christmas present. But it WAS what they asked for!


  4. I agree with whe4els, at one time unions WERE needed. However they were largely run, and still are by mafia style bosses, whose intimidation tactics have created a non viable situation for companies and workers alike. Workers should not be pressured or have to join a union to work. It’s their right to work, not the union’s to decide who gets to work. When are union members going wise up?


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