Obama Blondes

…and Blonds, Brunettes, and Brunets, too!

Obama blondes

H/t FOTM’s Joan (a blonde) and Tina (a brunette)  😀

~Eowyn (brunette) 😀

“Being Blonde is a State of Mind. It’s not about what’s on your head. It’s about what’s [not] in your head!” -Eowyn


5 responses to “Obama Blondes

  1. I cannot make a meaningful comment on the above statement, which is a perfect comment upon itself!


  2. 30 second opinion

    Stupid is as stupid speakes and votes.


  3. 30 second opinion

    Forgot to add that they are also happy that tax payers are going to pay for their contraception and abortions.


  4. Hey I’ve been away awhile , so am I allowed to do my blonde jokes?


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