Well, well, lookie here. What a surprise.

And to start things off on a bang let’s try this.

IT’s Steve The Bone Head. Just Like the intro  LOL

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce your new writer…well kind of your old writer for those who know.  Steve First post to follow..


12 responses to “Well, well, lookie here. What a surprise.

  1. Glad your back Bro…


  2. For those of who don’t know me, well let’s just say i don’t do PC crap.
    Also I am from NY so I use a lot of Dem, dese, and dose guys. LOL You’ll get the hang of it. Hope to get to know all the new posters in time. I usually start the day with a joke and maybe a story later in day. You can always count on a smart ass comment from me. Rememember let’s have some fun with the idiots. Steve


  3. Welcome back, old and dear friend!! Look forward to your humor once again.


  4. Steve…I am new to you. Some examples of messing with the brain-free please?


  5. All in do time….


  6. what a great surprise!!! yahoooooo! big happy smile.:)


  7. Thanks’s everyone. 😀


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