Ben Swann Reality Check- 3 Generals & Benghazi


9 responses to “Ben Swann Reality Check- 3 Generals & Benghazi



  2. I am sooo happy to see these names resurfacing around the Benghazi investigation!…They men know the truth…Ham and the Admiral in particular!

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  3. A wise friend said, before the election, that America will elect the president it deserves. I would have a hard time refuting that statement.

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  4. I had heard about Gen. Ham wanting to send in support resulting in the forced retirement. I did not know the same had happened to Adm. Gaoette. We can probablly assume he and Gen. Ham both were removed because they were going to disobey orders. These two men, along with Gen. Allen need to be subpoenaed for the hearings. If they can bring enough of these people in to testify, it will implicate Obama, Hilary, Panetta, Clapper, Rice and others who participated in the cover-up and what real agendas they are trying to cover-up. If the investigations dig far enough, it could even open investigations into other subversive agendas related to previous operations which have been hidden from citizens and legislators. Looks like impeachment and trials for treason are in order. Let’s hope our fiscal problems will not keep the investigations from continuing.

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  5. When forced to retire or upon retiring, is there a statement or clause in the code of conduct that these fine men can not say anything negative about their commander in chief? hmmmm If so, I hope they know that he is not their true commander in chief because he was eleced fraudulantly

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  6. This is the best breakdown of the aftermath of Benghazi, that I have seen or read. The day that Panetta came out and said, he consulted with General Hamm, Jason Chaffaz (R-Utah), stated on a FOX show (maybe Greata Van Susteren) that he had personally talked to Hamm when he went to investigate the Benghazi killings. As you heard in video, Panetta said one thing, but Hamm told Chaffaz something totally different. That was when I was sure there was a cover up.

    Sorry if this is a disjointed comment, but my goat is into everything tonite…

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  7. 30 second opinion

    See what happens to people when good people get involved with with a lying corrupt President and lying corrupt people of his administration. You either become corrupt like them or get fired for trying to do your job properly.

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  8. There are enough Patriots left in this country that will never allow this.

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