Start your Monday with a smile!

‘Oskar’s First Toys’ wins Friskies’ best cat video award

The winner of the first-ever Friskies award was Mick Szydlowski for his
video, “Oskar’s First Toys.” Oskar is a cat born without eyes, and Mick and his girlfriend, Bethany, captured video of the newborn cat playing with a toy ball.


h/t Anon.



4 responses to “Start your Monday with a smile!

  1. I began watching the video with tears in my eyes, then the tears turned into a big smile when Oskar began really playing with the ball.

    God bless Mick and Bethany for their kind hearts in adopting this blind kitten and giving him a loving home. Thank you, DCG & Anon, for this reminder of kindness and goodness.


  2. Dennis H Bennett

    I can’t help but see how we, unable to see the unfolding of the years we have left in our earthly lives, are led by faith in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer,Creator,Provider,Peacemaker. Oskar lives with what he’s been dealt, and does it with a joyful heart. If only I could be that trusting. Fits right in with this mornings devotional on “Trials”.Thanks, DCG


  3. Thank you DCG for sharing with us this heartfelt and wonderful video of little blind Oskar the kitty! He is so adorable, and in spite of his handicap is so happy. He feels love and warmth from the dear people who adopted him. Last year, Jesus sent me a little white kitty with black spots here and there who is also blind in one eye. We call him Richard the Lionhearted because he is so compassionate and loving as he has a big heart. And last week, Jesus gave my husband a little dove who couldn’t fly and someone brought it in and Don took her to our home. She is a sweetie pie! I have named her Lucy and I put her cage right under our Christmas tree. She loves the special seeds that we bought her, as well as her little churchfront that she sits on and uses it as a perch. God’s creation teaches us love and goodness! Thank you again DCG!


  4. 🙂


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