How the American Republic degenerates into Democracy and Tyranny

Excellent 10-minute crash course on:

  • How the Left Communism vs. Right Fascism political spectrum is misleading.
  • How the five main types of government (dictatorship, oligarchy, democracy, republic, anarchy) are reducible to two (oligarchy vs. republic).
  • How anarchy (no government) is merely a transition (a tool) from one form of government to dictatorial oligarchy.
  • How our Founding Fathers rejected democracy but founded a Republic of the rule of law, wherein government power is constrained by law in the interest of individual liberty.
  • How republican governments, including those of ancient Rome and the present United States, have an inherent tendency to degenerate into democracy and then into dictatorial oligarchy.

H/t Sage_brush



4 responses to “How the American Republic degenerates into Democracy and Tyranny

  1. excellent explanation, thank you!


  2. This is a great explanation Dr, Eowyn… But it was also one in my files to post at some point.
    I’m glad it made it as a lead post and commentary!… Thanks.


    • Thanks, DLKSR., for your tireless video contributions, some of which, alas, I don’t get to see because I just don’t have the time/energy. But I want you to know I appreciate them nevertheless.


  3. Thank you for this. Knowing the founding fathers by studying the works and writings is very important.


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