Insane Muslims are now cutting off tongues

In addition to their “standard” practices of stoning and beheading, FOTM has been chronicling the insanities of radical Islamists, from the ludicrous–

— to the grotesque beyond-belief barbarisms:

Add the cutting out of tongues to the list of grotesque barbarisms.

Abdullah Badr threatens to cut off the tongue of anyone who mocks Islam

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. Ibrahim reports for the Gatestone Institute, November 12, 2012:


7 responses to “Insane Muslims are now cutting off tongues

  1. The fundamental conflict: We (except, maybe, for Demo-rats) believe freedom is God-given; jihadists believe freedom is ungodly.


  2. Proof positive that they are “The Religion of Pieces!” – Not The Religion of Peace..


  3. Wonder if Obama is proud of his religion. Should be interesting to see how he stands on the Gaza war going on now.


  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. The violence of Sharia law which is based on Islam is incredible, and their methods are so inhumane and terrible.


  5. Bring it on Dr. Badr. I live to insult islam, muhammad et al! Come to cut my tongue off and you will find yourself promptly fitted with a “pigskin burial shroud!” Rest assured dear Doctor, you shall be “lovingly interred” into your grave, head first, with your ass oriented towards Mecca (all the better to posthumously “fart” your prayers to your “god of flatulence,” Allah). Oh, and did I describe your new “eternal real estate?” Oh, silly me! Right in the middle of a commercial piggery operation! Yes thats right, prime commercial property, my swine-smelling, soon to be deceased friend. And all for the cost of a visa and airfare! What says you Dr. “Badass?”


  6. These people are sick.


  7. Prehistoric savages.



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