Update on Matthew

We love to be at the gun range!

As Dr. Eowyn wrote on November 2nd, my boyfriend Matthew deployed to Afghanistan. He’s been there two weeks now and we finally had the chance to Skype last night!

Sign on post. Silly GI boys…

He’s getting settled into a new routine, albeit a long one.  Twelve hour days, 6.5 days per week.

It’s not dramatically hot there yet, rather it’s cold and dusty. And he said the food at the cafeteria is rather good.  And plenty of snacks to buy at the PX.

He’s sharing a room with just one roomie who has been in Afghanistan for 6 months.  Matthew is the “new guy” at his job as most have been there for some time.

They are in a rather safe area, yet everyone is packing.  And by “safe”, I mean they still have sirens warning of potential incoming threats.

Please continue to pray for him and all our soldiers in harm’s way!


8 responses to “Update on Matthew

  1. Thanks for the update, DCG! Continuing prayers for Matthew’s and our soldiers’ safety 😀


  2. May God be with Matthew and all of our military personnel as they are in such constantly threatening conditions. I just paused and thought about the comforts that I am enjoying- and, too often take for granted, from the heated home within a neighborhood that I don’t have to fear for my life when I step outside, to many other amenities. Then visualizing to the best I can imagine, the conditions our troops are enduring, from basic personal comfort challenges to the constant threats on their lives.
    Truthfully, I can’t even imagine living under the conditions they do and know that this is what they face each day.
    I have such admiration and gratitude for all the men and women who found a calling in serving their country and volunteered for such a task.
    They deserve to be treated like VIPs when they return home !


  3. I have included Matthew to my list of friends and family serving in the military. May our Lord have mercy on us all .


  4. Please thank Matthew for his service from a fellow American. I will pray for his safety and service


  5. You and Matthew are in my daily prayers–so glad Skype was available to you.


  6. I just hope they will all be coming home soon – safe and sound.



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