Down the Up Staircase

Ever feel like you’re just treading water, going nowhere?….

This is no “exhausted” businessman.

More like a “drunk like a skunk” businessman! LOL



14 responses to “Down the Up Staircase

  1. how wild!!! this is the most ridiculous scene I have seen for awhile!! gotta hand it to them, if they used it as an excuse :>)


  2. Must be Democrats!


  3. the right way to use an escalator; while drunk:


  4. The ones featuring drunks and perhaps a bewildered senior are amusing. I do not find the one abusing ducks to be humorous, as they had no choice, put there by some fool. They could very easily have the forward parts of their toes and web cut off or severely damaged. Abusing the Creation is not in our job description, as far as I can tell.


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