Creation: Owl Moth


~click pic to enlarge~
Photo taken by harsuame in Santander, Colombia


Leucanella is a genus of moths in the Saturniidae family. Its hind wings bear a pattern of two bright “eyes” resembling the eyes of an owl. The trompe l’oeil of owl-eyes serves a defensive purpose by confusing potential predators. 


The Owl Moth is found usually in pine trees, at a height of 1.12 miles above sea level and moderate temps of about 62° F.

H/t Project Noah



4 responses to “Creation: Owl Moth

  1. WOW! I’d not known this species before, so MANY THANKS for researching it! The Creation NEVER ceases to amaze me in its infinite variety. Now if we could only learn to be better stewards in our relationship, as we were charged to do so…. As Dr Weaver points out in his classic conservative essay, “Ideas Have Consequences”, our great collective sin is our lack of piety, a word that’s rarely heard any more.


    • Thanks, GF, and you’re right, too many Pharisees spoil the soup….

      Speaking of which, I discovered on the grounds of our Meeting House for Worship an amazing cluster of Agaricus Campestris, so I harvested the good ones, delivered some to two homes, and kept about a quarter for myself. They’ve made a GREAT cream of mushroom soup, to go w/my beef pot roast & yellow-skin potatoes tonight. Once again, we are given manna from Heaven!


  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post of this exquisitely gorgeous moth! God gives us such beauty in His creation for us to enjoy!


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