Since when did public nudity become a “civil right”?

Since it’s San Francisco…

Credit: Lea Suzuki/The Chronicle

Naked guys (and gals) stage “nude-in” at City Hall

SFGate: The Castro’s “naked guys” will not be deterred by anything. Not repulsed fellow citizens, not a proposed ban on their sartorial choices or lack thereof, and certainly not preparation for the Giants’ victory parade.

The nudists had planned a noon-time nude-in for Tuesday weeks ago in front of City Hall to protest Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposal to ban nudity citywide except at street fairs, festivals and parades. But when the Giants won the World Series, and their victory parade preparations shut down the Polk Street side of City Hall, building management pulled the nudists’ permit.

No matter. About a dozen men and a couple of women showed up and stripped down anyway – just outside the blockades erected along Polk Street. One sunbathed in the grass, one walked around with a bird on his shoulder and one carried a sign showing Wiener’s face with a big red line through it that read, “The only Wiener that doesn’t belong in San Francisco.”

Wiener said, “I give them an A for creativity. I support their right to protest, but I don’t agree with them that people should be able to get naked anytime, anywhere, in any place in San Francisco.” (Currently, that’s actually the law so long as there’s no associated lewd behavior.)

The naked guys’ ringleader, 66-year-old George Davis who once ran for mayor on a pro-nudity platform, said Wiener was trying to rob them of their civil rights.

“This affects everybody,” he said. “Not everybody can be a man. Not everybody can be a woman. Not everybody can be gay, not everybody can be straight. Not everybody can be Chinese or Muslim. But everybody can be nude. That’s the first decision you make when you wake up in the morning – to be nude or not.

Since the City Hall steps were blocked, the nude-in occurred right next to – wait for it – Annie’s Hot Dogs, a stand in Civic Center Plaza. James, an employee who didn’t want to give his last name, snapped photos of the nudists and said, “The irony is not lost on me.”

Lloyd Fishback, 51, said he has to wear a suit and tie at his job as a security guard for a nursing home. But on Tuesday, he wore a Giants hat, flip flops and nothing in between. “He’s a party pooper,” he said of Wiener. “I like having an even tan. I just feel liberated.”

There were a couple of naked women at the nude-in including one who described herself as a sex worker who dabbles in escorting, massage and domination. Another brought her young daughter who was dressed but carried pro-nudity signs and handed out leaflets.

Wiener’s legislation is scheduled to be discussed in committee at 10 a.m. Monday, but thankfully the nudists will be required to wear clothes if they want to venture inside City Hall to testify against it.

Passers-by stopped to gawk and take photographs. “What if the Giants turned out like this?” one quipped. We think a large segment of the city wouldn’t mind that one bit.

What is it with liberals (and  you know they are) and their desire to be naked in front of strangers? Dr. Eowyn did a post on “Being Left and Going Naked,” July 24, 2010.

Beyond that, where does nudity fit into “civil rights?” Just cover up and if you really want to be nude, head to a nudist camp, TYVM!



One response to “Since when did public nudity become a “civil right”?

  1. “What is it with the Left and their desire to be naked in front of strangers?”

    It’s their preening narcissism and their utter disdain and contempt for the sensibilities of others.


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