“Forward and Away We Go”

Yesterday, during a rally for Obama in Ohio, Springsteen joked that Obama had called him recently and said there was a “song gap” with Mitt Romney and asked him to step up and fill it. “You’ve come to the right man,” he joked that he told Obama. The Boss then claimed that the president suggested he use the campaign’s slogan, “Forward.”

“I said, ‘forward? You’re not giving me much to work with there!’” Springsteen said.

So here, then, is the responsive song he said he wrote for the campaign, as performed. Springsteen interrupted himself frequently to explain that he’d had a lot of trouble finding words to rhyme with the president’s name, including in the final verse, which he said he had to end early for that reason.

“Forward and Away We Go” By Bruce Springsteen

I kissed your sister then I kissed your mamma [crowd: Forward!]

Usually this time of day I’m in my pajamas [Forward!]

Well, let’s vote for the man who got Osama [Forward!]

Forward! And away we go.

I came to Ohio looking for a date [Forward!]

We kissed and I said it’s a hell of a state. [Forward!]

We made love, but it wasn’t so great [Forward!]

Forward! And away we go.

Smiling Joe, he really brought the drama [Forward!]

Tuesday, Romney was schooled by Obama [Forward!]

Forward! And away we go.

Away we go indeed…welfare spending has increased 32% in the last four years, the labor market is still suffering, almost 47 million are on food stamps, and we have achieved a national debt level of over $16 TRILLION. I’ve had enough of this “forward” movement.


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