Obamacare throws grandma off the cliff

The Democratic Party has produced an ugly fear-mongering television ad show Rep. Paul Ryan, Romney’s VP running-mate, throwing grandma off the cliff, by opposing ObamaCare:

Two San Antonio physicians, Drs. Jane Hughes and Kris Held, have responded with this video to counter the Dems’ ugly propaganda:

  • It’s Obamacare that’s “throwing grandma off the cliff” by cutting the Medicare budget by $575 billion.
  • Obamacare’s “Independent Payment Advisory Board” is healthcare rationing by 15 faceless bureaucrats, plain and simple. It’s an “unelected group…empowered to limit health spending for the vulnerable elderly” (WSJ, Dec. 30, 2010).
  • The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says Obamacare will cost America $1.45 trillion, not the $938 billion CBO initially estimated.

~Eowyn & Joan



5 responses to “Obamacare throws grandma off the cliff

  1. Just wait until the comrade Dear Ruler’s death panels get a hold of grandma.



    • Your chances of surviving to an old age is not to good under Obamacare..I am 50 and have known my whole life not to depend on Government for heath care or retirement..Just like Hitler, Obama funded studies on the usefulness of people in certain age groups,when I heard this It scared me.Eat right and exercise,goverment heath care will be rationed and the older you are the less likely you are to receive any….Look at any of the government run heath care systems around the world…They Kill Old People


  2. More like $716 Billion (at last count) that Obamacare takes from Medicare… redistribute healthcare wealth from the old, nasty “rightwing extremist” seniors to young, progressive Occupy Whatever dolts liable to vote Democrat for unlimited abortions, birth control and sex-change operations (not to mention free boob jobs).


  3. The horror of obamacare has already hit my husband and i. We already feel the billions of dollars cut from medicare. My husband had a bad fall a year ago shattering his shoulder. It took him 6 months before he could find a Dr. who would repair his shattered shoulder..6 months of agony over an untreated broken shoulder.


  4. hann, I am so sorry to hear about the lack of care for your husband’s shoulder. What agony! Horrible!


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