Ya Gotta Give the Gerrys Credit…

They do not always get everything nailed down, but there are two things the Germans get consistently right:

-First class suds and of course, automobiles.

This vid covers the latter:

As for the former well, do your own research. 😀

(h/t: My brother)



6 responses to “Ya Gotta Give the Gerrys Credit…

  1. Bwahahaha! awesome!!!! I got a thrill-chill out of that one Dave !
    Whoever rated that less than stellar is probably a neo-Luddite.


  2. now that’s funny 🙂


  3. Cool video, but not true. No ground affects? Ain’t happenin.
    I think this is the platform the new Viper was supposed to share before the takeover by Fiat.
    By the way, who is that chick in the Fiat commercials? Hot, very hot.


    • I hate to think i’m THAT easy 🙂 ummm… it happens pretty
      quickly …..centrifugal force ? but you’re right about ground
      effects. An Indy car could probably stay on the ceiling.


  4. Well, I know what I’m asking Santa for this year….I wish! I’ve driven nothing but Mercedes (and Ford trucks) since 1990. I had a diesel 1977 300D for 12 years. It had 780,000 miles on the original engine when I traded it in for a 1988 560SEL in ’03. It still purred like a kitten. (Well, rattled contentedly!) A five to ten thousand dollar investment on a used ten year old Benz is always a better idea than wasting depreciative new car cash, IMO.


    • SDF,

      I had a 1981 S class (European version) with the in-line 6 motor, with about 160K miles on the clock.

      I drove it for over five years.

      That car was a veritable tank, and actually got decent mileage even though the cylinders were the size of coffee cans – as long as I kept my foot out of it.

      I love Mercedes cars from that era, as they were so over-built it was ridiculous.



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