Stellar Wind – The Program That Tracks You

It’s Paranoia Time!

This doesn’t come from the  rightwing Alex Jones conspiracy-minded website.   This video with additional text was posted on the New York Times blog two days ago.  It lays out the NSA program called Stellar Wind to track and map out your entire life through your phone, bank accounts, social media use and store it at a big government facility in Utah.  It’s scary as hell!   

NOTE: Rosa Koire of provided the following info via email:

The 1.5 million square foot information storage site is located at Camp Williams Army Base in Utah.  Orrin Hatch lobbied to have it relocated from Maryland to his state.  It was moved west because the existing center in Maryland was drawing all of Baltimore’s available energy and could not access more (as of 2006).  The Utah facility will draw 65 megawatts and is fully secured.  Camp Williams is an intelligence gathering center.   The plan is to collect every communication both domestic and incoming/outgoing from the country.  

Storage of information is not considered to be a breach of  our constitutional protections because no one has actually looked at it.  The idea is that the computers themselves will sort the information and develop patterns for ‘threats.’  When a ‘threat’ is identified the information will be analyzed.  Another concept is that although much sensitive information is sent via encrypted streams that are not currently readable, storage of this encrypted information will allow future investigators who have broken encryption methods to go back and read stored documents.  Total information.  Inventory and control.


H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt


15 responses to “Stellar Wind – The Program That Tracks You

  1. Maybe they will be able to tell us who, the man who calls himself Obama is.


  2. We need to remember that all this began with George W. Bush, who used 9-11 as the excuse for the Patriot Act and a domestic spying program that has now morphed, under Barack Insane Obama, into the citizens detention NDAA, Stellar Wind, the mammoth data storage in Utah that will have every piece of communication of the American people saved by next year (2013), the DHS identifying Americans who value liberty as “domestic terrorists,” and the US Army having the Tea Party movement as extremists in 2016 civil war scenario.


  3. This is terrible!






  5. Secret societies have always had their secrets, rituals, plans and agendas. They’ve succeeded in inventing and arranging the total surveillance state and in rendering the Bill of Rights a dead letter, thanks to our elected officials. And the master agency of the surveillance state, the CIA, has assumed a life and agenda of its own (along with its own death toll).
    All right, so they can track every phone call, every credit card, bank and toll transaction of every American. They have succeeded in creating a mountain of useless information for some economic or sociological profile.
    The titanic uselessness of it all! When the genocide comes, when the tanks and soldiers are in the streets, killing us by the hundreds, and then the thousands, and when they ship us off to the FEMA Camps by the millions, are they going to use the information they acquired from some NSA database? I don’t think so. What is the purpose of it all? Maybe it’s just to create jobs and the appearance of getting something done.
    Again, when the state acts to induce terror in the population, they will do so quite effectively without this bureaucracy! I just don’t get it.


  6. I’ve been talking about this for years. No I didn’t have intel, just common sense. I KNOW it’s possible to glean one’s entire existence practically from all digital transactions- blog posts, “Likes” shopper loyalty cards, surveys, New Hire Database, bank account transactions including not limited to debit AND prepaid “anonymous” cards- phone, smartphone, address changes, whereabouts. I was JUST talking to someone yesterday about the idea that “I bet there is one location where your life “history” is stored, probably at that Utah data facility” like a coincidence, here it is online and I am reading of it for the 1st time. Your SS#, Every THING has been tracked and can be pulled up instantly. The scary thing is, say being a member of a specific church or faith suddenly is on the “list”. A charity donation you’ve forgotten about is to an organization that oh guess what, they’re listed as a “terrorist organization” and your ID/debit is attached to that donation. Perhaps a not-so-honest employee of said “database” attaches your ID to some ex-convicts. Perhaps some dimwit employee attaches your ID to some ex con, another angle. Maybe someone working there doesn’t like your anti homosexual or anti child abuse stance and wants to make it difficult for you. The implications are endless. You CAN have the deck stacked against you, post dated and it will look very, very, real.


  7. Anyone ever watch “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith? Uh-huh…


  8. Google “Inslaw” “PROMIS” and “Danny Casolaro” and you’ll find tons of info on the grand-daddy of all this privacy invasive software. According to former Mossad agent, Ari Ben Menashe in his book, “PROFITS OF WAR,” many people around the world have lost their lives due to tracking software.


  9. Gee, I thought the NSA was supposed to break codes and not spy on Americans… I guess until we elected a Democratic administration.


  10. I have something they can track.



  11. Alex Jones may be conspiracy-minded, but if you think he is right wing it is only because you have never read what he publishes in his site. Moreover, your own article proves that he is not paranoid, just realistic.
    Also, are you one of the brainwashed Americans who still gets disinformation from the New York Pravda? Please wake up from your media-induced stupor.


    • Alex Jones has a highly successful operation in both internet broadcasting and text-based information. I agree with much of what he puts out and the excellent guests on his radio show; Charlotte Iserbyt, Rosa Koire, Rev Manning etc.

      My point was not the put-down Alex Jones; but, to point out that even such a prominent MSM organization as the New York Times is putting out the same information. This takes it out of the “conspiracy theory” realm pundits scoff at.


  12. Gives more credence to the idea of 9-11 being an inside job. False flag to push this kind of stuff through.

    Hope they didn’t hear what my husband and I said about Obama last night! 🙂


  13. Just more communism, socialism. Marxism…big brother… pray for our upcoming election for gov. To make a u-turn after the election… refocus…


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