The invasion of the white UN vehicles!

For several years now, I’ve seen alarming warnings on the net about our government being in collusion with the United Nations in preparation for the latter’s imminent takeover of the United States to install a one-world government. Central to this conspiracy theory is purported evidence that white UN vehicles and tanks have been spotted in America, including hundreds of those white vehicles secretly stashed away in a Florida air field.

The latest of such warnings is a video sent to me by a regular FOTM tipster. The video was posted to YouTube on August 12, 2012, and uploaded onto the website 12160. (I suggest you turn your volume way down when you watch it because the music is very loud and annoying.)

The video begins with pictures of tanks and white cars bearing the black letters “UN”. Beginning at the 02:14 mark, the video shows the following:

Thousands of UN vehicles in storage

Airport Facility not Airforce Base
Jacksonville Florida Airforce Base
(courtesy of Google Earth)

Beginning at the 02:24 mark, the video shows a Google aerial map of what it claims to be the “Airforce Base” or “Facility” in Jacksonville, Florida. Here’s a screen shot I took from the video. Note the distinctive X-shaped runway:

Here’s a close-up of the X-shaped runway in the purported Jacksonville Airforce Base, at the 02:37 mark:

Next, the video zooms in to show hundreds of white vehicles parked cheek to jowl on the runway. Here’s a screenshot I took at the 03:22 mark:

As I was watching this, I thought to myself: “If the video found these white vehicles on Google map, I should be able to do so as well.”

So, I went looking for an Air Force base or facility located in Jacksonville, FL. The only one I found is the U.S. Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL. Here’s a screen shot I took of the Google aerial map of the U.S. Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL. Not only are there no masses of white vehicles parked on the runway, notice that the air station’s runway is not X-shaped:

Here’s a close-up view of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. See any white vehicles parked on the air strips?

So where is an air field in Jacksonville that does have the distinctive X-shaped runway?

After some searching on the net, thanks to a commenter “RaulPon” on the Daily Paul website, I found it. It’s the Reynolds Industrial Park in Green Cove Springs, FL. Green Cove Springs is 28 miles south of Jacksonville. The 45-year-old industrial park is located on a former WWII Navy Base that was decommissioned in 1962, sold to the City of Green Cove Springs and then to private owners in 1965.

Here’s a screen shot I took of the Google aerial map of Reynolds Industrial Park (notice the X-shaped runway!):

Here’s a close-up of the X-shaped runway. Do you see any white vehicles parked cheek to jowl? Do you even see ONE white “UN” vehicle?

And here’s the reason why you don’t see any sinister white vehicles parked on the runway of Reynolds Industrial Park, as explained by the Park’s executive director Ted McGowan in a public statement:

Public Notice:

Thank you for taking time to read this statement and verifying the accuracy of the claims made about our facilities being used as UN storage facilities for a secret takeover operation. I am Ted McGowan and have been the Executive Director of Reynolds Park since 1998. We are a leasing and property management business overseeing the 700,000 square feet of industrial buildings, 4 miles of piers and bulkhead, golf course, marina, private runway and ground storage facilities known as Reynolds Park.
Reynolds Park is a 45 year old industrial park located on a former WWII Navy Base that was decommissioned in 1962, sold to the City of Green Cove Springs and then to private owners in 1965. It leases facilities to private companies who operate a variety of businesses on the facilities. Those facilities include the former and current runways in place since 1941. The active runway operates as a private use facility. The inactive runways have been used for brake testing and development, storage trailer parking, police training, bus driver training, motorcycle school training and car parking of imported vehicles.

Regarding the recent claims that United Nation’s vehicles have been secretly stored on the private runways in Green Cove Springs, I assure you that those claims are not true and have been fabricated as a hoax and practical joke.

I have watched the original video. The claims that the person has made are completely fabricated. The Google maps images are correct. The actual vehicles (pictured below) were stored here by an auto processing company. This company imports Kia automobiles through the port of Brunswick and stores and processes them in preparation for distribution to dealers through the southeast. Unfortunately, they are no longer a tenant of ours.

The company storing Kia’s here was a tenant of ours for two years until the federal “Cash For Clunkers” program absorbed their inventory and they no longer needed the storage space available at Reynolds Park. The vehicles are imported with white plastic film on them as a protective covering. They did not have “UN” posted on the roofs. I don’t know if the UN places the letters on the roof of all their vehicles or not but the vehicles in the video are real but the vehicles here never had UN on their roofs.
I thank you for taking time to read this statement and stand by my statement that the claims made about the vehicles stored at Reynolds Park are UN vehicles and any other conspiratorial claims made about any of our other former or current tenants and facilities are false.

If you have a legitimate business need to start or grow a business and require industrial building space or other facilities that we provide, please contact our Senior Property Manager, John Brown, to find out how we can serve you and make your business successful.


Ted McGowan, Executive Director, Reynolds Park

To conclude:

  1. The “UN-NATO takeover of America” video misidentifies Reynolds Industrial Park in Green Cove Springs, FL, for an “Airforce Base or Facility” in Jacksonville, FL.
  2. The sinister white vehicles parked on the X-shaped runway are new KIA passenger autos covered with a white protective shield, like this:

UPDATE (June 17, 2014):

White armored vehicles with the letters UN painted on them were spotted on a freeway coming out of Alabama. See “UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA.”

Update (Jan. 1, 2018):

White vehicles with the letters UN painted on them were seen in a State Department warehouse in Hagerstown, MD. See “Chicago WCKG radio station manager says UN troops already in Chicago. UN armored vehicles stored in State Dept warehouse in Maryland“.


22 responses to “The invasion of the white UN vehicles!

  1. We have enough real problems without listening to crap like this./ Thanks for the investigation. Maybe some of these “conspiracy buffs” might try doing the same, but I’m sure they won’t. Panic seems to be their drug of choice.


  2. Thanks for taking the effort to debunk this. The internet, instead of being the wonderful information highway it is purported to be, is a maze of MISinformation, fabrication, mumbo-jumbo and lies that make learning the truth harder than ever. No doubt crazy things are going on but stuff like this is distracting from the effort to know what exactly is happening and doing something about it.


  3. I am so glad to see this debunked. There’s so much crap all over the internet. I had seen this video and pooh-poohed it because I knew there was no Jacksonville AFB . Just about everything in the Jacksonville area is navy. There might be some guard bases around there belonging to the army or the Air Force, but there are no AFBs there. I’ve visited at one time or another most of the AFBs in Florida, at least once. Hubby and Dad and son were Air Force for many years. I really have to giggle at some of this stuff.
    If anyone is interested in what bases we do have, there are legitimate lists of them on line.

    We have enough problems without information that is either false or inaccurate


  4. I am relieved to learn that this conspiracy’s been debunked. It is a frightening thought and the imagery is overwhelmingly shocking. Is the FEMA camp story true or false? It is difficult to determine fact from fiction.


  5. I’ll send my cat, Poo-Poo-Head Michael, over with Oliver and he’ll throw in a hair ball! Frankly, these conspiracy theory lovers are similar in my judgment to those individuals who are constantly predicting the end of the world, going into incredible detail about the Book of Revelation. I say, listen to what Jesus said, indicating that only His Father knew the day and the hour. People with this mindset need to get a life and live life in the present and without so much suspicion!


  6. So, some Kia dealship made mad bank unloading their unsold inventory of fuel-efficient vehicles on the gov’t Cash for Clunkers program meant to get carbon-riffic, gas-guzzlers off the road? (Your tax dollars at work!)


  7. hmmmm….saw a film a few years ago that zoomed in and showed
    all white non-filmed cars and pickups way inland (not by any
    seaport which would make plausible the storage from ocean
    shipment) but being ever the cynic, I confirmed with Google Earth ….
    about the time they found all of the plastic grave liners…
    .lalalalala! 🙂 nothin’ to see here,just move along


  8. Haven’t gotten this e-mail yet, so I know not to even bother reading it.
    But it seems a Judge in Lubbock, Texas must have read it. Judge Tom Head wants to raise taxes so the Sheriff’s office can fight off the UN troops, if BO is reelected. At the end of the article is the following: “Tom Head, a graduate of Highland Park High School, has been a county judge since 1999″…
    Go figure 😉


  9. Terry,

    I don’t know if Ted McGowan is lying to us, but what I do know is that the “Airforce base” or “Airforce facilities” in Jacksonville, FL, shown in the video is actually the Reynolds Industrial Park. I spent A LOT OF TIME looking both sites up in Google map, and spent A LOT OF TIME learning how to and actually taking screenshots so that I could step-by-step post them on FOTM. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to do what I did and look them up on Google Map yourself. In my post, I’ve even embedded the links to the Google map sites so that readers can replicate what I had done.

    Other than that, I really don’t have anything else to add. If you or others are determined to believe in this conspiracy theory, contrary to all available evidence, then there’s nothing I or anyone can do to dissuade you. Please ask yourself though: WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE UN IS TAKING OVER USA theory? Or is this a case of “I’ll continue to believe what I want, no matter the evidence or lack of evidence”?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I usually wouldn’t waste my time, but, one thing still doesn’t wash. It seems to me the pictures on google earth take years before they update. After all the blog buzz about that airstrip, the picture of it was replaced with in a month. You could still see darker squares on the tarmac where they were.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. They were not white, they were blue. Usual color of U.N vehicles.>>>>> What if; June 1, 2013. UN TROOPS are already landing one Galaxy transport after another in Virginia… day & night for an NLE 2013 (riot control/Martial Law “simulation”) & it’s spreading in CONUS to the West Coast as I type. Major activity has been in progress over the last 2 weeks. There are those who will march for a “peaceful” 2nd Amendment demonstration/protest regarding infringement into DC, next month. NOT a good idea! My magic8ball tells me this is the Agenda’s 9/11 to implement The Emergency Constitution. It could be the catalyst for activists across the Country. Project Megiddo/Y2K were failures… not all of the Agenda’s scenarios work out as hoped. Things should get pretty interesting on July 4th, 2013.


  12. Check out this parking lot of military vehicles at the old Loring AFB:,-67.875917&spn=0.008586,0.013797&t=h&z=16


    • Loring air force base is now Loring commerce center. There’s a job corps center there, DFAS, Sitel call center, and a hum v repair unit. The military sends damaged hum v’s there to be fixed or painted. I know a bunch of people who work at all 3 of these places. I used to work at job corps, myself, and live in the townhouses which someone bought and rented out. Also had 3 Phish weekend long festivals on the runways with 30,000+ people in attendance. There is absolutely nothing weird going on there.


  13. Its because we make them, then truck them to the seaport and ship them out, people. I’m as discussed about this administration as most Americans, but use your heads people. If you see them actually being driven by little boys in their baby blue hats, then be alarmed. But be happy that American jobs are being used and something is actually be made here!

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  14. Bruce Williams

    On this day June 26, 2016, I goggle earth the Reynolds Airpary and there are still app 1000 white vehicles parked in the runway, If we are to believe that Kia was storing cars there, how come they were all white back then and all white today. Who is ull shitting who


  15. I grew up in Clay County Florida, and keep a boat at a marina on the river side of the industrial park in question. Both the piers and airstrip are part of a decommissioned Navy base once called NAAS Green Cove. The piers held mothballed ships, and the airstrip was used for pilot training as an auxiliary airfield of the much larger NAS Jacksonville. The cars in question are in fact KIA’s with white plastic wrap on them. They come and go as they are delivered and distributed.


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