Military heroes and Romney donors added to POS’s enemies list

Are you a military hero? Did you donate money to the Romney-Ryan campaign?

Congratulations! You are now on the POS’s enemies list! 😀

Breitbart News reports, Aug. 21, 2012:

[The POS] has added military heroes to his “enemies list,” singling out veterans’ groups such as Special Operations for America and Veterans for a Strong America on his campaign website, much as he singled out donors to Republican rival Mitt Romney for attack. Several veterans’ groups have spoken out against the Obama administration’s habit of taking credit for the Osama bin Laden raid and leaking military secrets for political gain–so the Obama campaign is trying to shoot the messenger. 

The charge made by the Obama campaign is that the veterans’ groups are “Swift Boat 2.0”–referring to the group that launched a series of ads (never refuted) in 2004 contesting claims by then-Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry about his war record. Left-wing groups aligned with the Obama administration have even gone so far as to call the U.S. Navy Seals “gutless” for their participation in criticism of Obama.

Ryan Zinke, a member of the Montana state Senate and a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1985 to 2008, told Breitbart News: “It’s a sad time for America when a President has to resort to bully tactics, intimidation, and misleading personal attacks against anyone who dares to speak out and be heard. The good thing is Americans have a long history of defeating tyrants.”

Joel Arends, recipient of the Bronze Star and chair of Veterans for a Strong America, said:

“The president’s team is more serious about labeling a group of veterans as “swift boaters” than they are about going after the leakers in his administration.  The reality is as simple as it is disturbing – American lives are now in danger because this White House under the leadership of President Obama have leaked vital national security secrets.  And instead of appointing a special prosecutor – this President dispatches his campaign team to smear a group of vets looking out for their buddies in uniform. It just shows the lack of seriousness on the part of this administration.

If they want to call us swift boaters because we are looking out for our buddies on the battlefield that’s fine with me – we’ll take the political body blows for our comrades in order to ensure that the American people fully understand our position on the issue and see the administration’s intransigence on this issue.”

I’m not a military hero nor even a military vet, but I did donate money to Mitt Romney’s campaign after he picked Congressman Paul Ryan to be his VP running-mate.

Maybe I’ll see you in the cattle-trains bound for those FEMA camps in every state of continental U.S.A.! With any luck, maybe I might even be in a bunk bed next to yours! 😀

H/t FOTM’s beloved moxielouise.



25 responses to “Military heroes and Romney donors added to POS’s enemies list

  1. HAHAHAHA, where did you get that picture??!! That cracks me up! 😀
    All I can say is, they’d better be putting some additions on to those FEMA trailers and renting new space in Canada and Mexico. It’s getting crowded!!


  2. Move over cause I’ll be there too! The second he announced Ryan i donated as well. Come and get me you POS. Vote Ameica vote!


  3. I’m thinking that list is getting longer and longer. It would be easier to make a list of the people that are his friends, instead of his enemies. Then he’d only need one sheet of paper! 🙂 Lock & load boys and girls.


  4. There are far too many of us vets out here with the knowledge and tenacity to make sure those Fema trains never run,or if they do,they will be filled not with patriots,but with skippys allies.
    Wild Bill


  5. Dr. E, Hahahahahahahahaha!! I love it! 😉





  7. Most thin-skinned president evah….

    And for the troll thumbing down everyone, like you did on another post – be a man and reveal yourself. Or is Soros keeping your hands busy right now?


  8. At this rate, only Bill Ayers and David Axelrod won’t be on the enemies list by Nov 6.


    • Hey, to the dipstick who keep rating everything 1 thumbs down all the time… Reach down, grab some guts and make a nasty libtarded comment or something. Jeez, this passive-aggressive blanket thumbs-down thing is seriously lame.


  9. O M G obama must go


  10. That “bridge squatter” with the down-turned thumb really gets my goat! Baa!


  11. Can you guide me as how to put this on my Facebook?


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