Econ 101: Ann Romney’s Horse

In the just-finished London Olympics, a horse partly owned by Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, had competed (and lost) in dressage. Dressage refers to the guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movements of the rider’s hands, legs, and weight.

Ann Romney’s part-ownership of the horse has been lampooned by liberal critics as being symbolic of the family being out of touch with “ordinary” Americans.

Here’s a rebuttal to the class-warfare critics:

So the Romneys are selfish for keeping a horse? For:

  • Employing a groom with a family to support.
  • Paying for feed that’s sold by someone with a family to support.
  • Feed that’s transported in trucks by drivers with families to support.
  • The trucks are manufactured in a factory by people with families to support who are fed with stuff that’s grown by farmers with families to support.
  • The barn to house Ann Romney’s horse was built by construction workers with families to support, with materials trucked by drivers with families to support, from factories with workers with families to support.

Ann Romney’s horse has done more to put Americans to work than that horse’s ass in the White House!

But then Econ 101 was never Obama’s strong suit, having spent his political formative years as a Saul “I-dedicated-my-book-to-Satan” Alinsky community organizer class-warfarer….

H/t FOTM’s beloved Joan



27 responses to “Econ 101: Ann Romney’s Horse

  1. lol well that logic doesn’t really work but it sounds good. I personally have two cleaning ladies, a Gardner, and a fix it man, a plumber, and so on. Yes I employ people but that doesn’t make me in touch the average American’s money.

    Opulence by employing people doesn’t equal make for a great argument. Does she pay all of those people a living wage? If she does, that should be your argument.


    • You are as clueless in Econ 101 as the POS because you completely missed the point of the rebuttal. It’s not Ann Romney paying EVERYONE. By owning a horse, there’s a ripple effect that leads to a lot of people being employed and a lot of families being fed — instead of being dependent on govt handouts.


      • No honey. No. I am rich. I buy lots of things. if I buy a handbag that is fifteen hundred dollars and it is made in a sweat shop, how am I contributing to the economy? I get get tax cuts.

        Shoot I had some long thing written. But you, my dear blogger, just made me vote for Obama. I was undecided. Your argument and education sealed the deal. Thanks for the help.


        • No one insults my sister, Dr. Eowyn, especially you. Speaking of education, you are addressing a brilliant author and Professor Emeritas of 30 years! I am a retired judge. I am very successful in analyzing people who miss the point. You indeed did miss the point of the post. And by the way, people who are truly rich, do not talk of their wealth. Therefore, I do not believe you are “rich.” Perhaps you are rich in narcissistic egotism. That’s got to be it. And by the way, this is Econ 101. Take a class and get a clue.


      • I’m guessing Econ 101 in college these days pretty much covers redistributing wealth and class warfare, nothing more.


        • DCG,

          These kids don’t know the real America, as they have never experienced it, nor been taught about it.

          As long as they can get their smart phones replaced, they think everything is going just fine.

          They could not be more wrong.

          Of course, they will figure it out eventually – but it will be too late.



          • Terry,

            My brother currently owns two homes that (were once) valued at over $1 mil each – at the same time.

            And I am supposed to be impressed by the fact rebecca2000 can pop for a $1500 purse and has 2 housekeepers?


            We used to routinely blow that much on a football BBQ.

            LOL – My dear, sweet SiL once told me to please not wreck her Mercedes, not because it might destroy her car, but because of the hassle she would have to go through to replace it.

            I have the coolest SiL on Planet Earth. 😀



    • Why don’t you go interview for a job with a poor person sitting across the desk from you, then get back to us and let us know how it worked out for ya.

      Oh, and don’t feel bad, as every last one of the remaining Kennedys haven’t the foggiest clue about even basic economics, either.

      And you can go right ahead and vote for the comrade Dear Ruler if you want, as long as you understand that, when the dollar completely collapses in a few years due to our crushing debt, your money will be every bit as worthless as ours will be.



  2. No arguing with that logic.


  3. Spot on! That is how you spread the wealth.


  4. Actually GF it’s even more general than that…it says “the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil” which kinda gives you the idea there are evils that have nothing to do with money…


  5. I will add a slogan from a bumper sticker to this argument. I don’t care what Romney does with HIS money, I care what Obama does with MINE.


  6. Whatever Mrs Romney does is greeted as fairly normal, mainly because she is white and blonde. Her husband is running for president and obviously his wife is under scrutiny. Mrs Biden gets by with her whiteness and blondness and has escaped the criticism that Mrs Romney is receiving but only just.
    The Obama Administration has done so badly that even her husband has lost credibility inspite of his “gaffes” which are the only thing that keep people interested in him at all. Otherwise he just goes with the flow like Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice. All the white people hanging around the president and his black colleagues are rendered impotent in case they are called prejudiced or “rascist” or indeed because they could be assassinated at any given moment for any reason. Legally according to Eric Holder. I guess Mrs Romney should lookout just in case she gets on Moochelle, Valeriie or Barack’s nerves. She might find herself indefinitely detained along with her husband and Paul Ryan. They had all better stick to a simple agenda and hang on for dear life, goodness knows what’s going on with the voting machines, Diebolt is that the name, and the votes that will be coming out of the Indian Reservation ballot boxes……………if they ever dreamed of winning then there could be a recount like there was when the last Bush campaign looked as though it was losing at the last moment. But there again, her husband’s relationship with Bibi N. might just tip the scale in the Romney’s favor. Where are we living? The USA?


    • No, Alice. What Mrs. Romney does is not treated as fairly normal. Where have you been? The ravaging king’s media has criticized this lady for owning a horse. This dear horse assists Mrs. Romney with her serious health issues because he raises her spirits and she loves and cares for him. Animals are wonderful creatures and God gave them to us to help us and so that we might also learn from them. The point of this blog is as Dr.Eowyn set forth. Please understand what the post is saying.


      • Thanks for clarifying things for me. I guess I completely missed the point. I’m glad to hear that Mrs Romney gets a kick, pun not intended, from her beautiful horse, and has her spirits raised At this time so many people’s spirits are lagging, could it be something to do with being flat broke and unemployed and having just had your house repossessed? Or is it because Barack Obama wants to go to war with anyone and everyone, and doesn’t seem to care that one of these fine days it could turn thermonuclear.
        If Mrs Romney were enterprising to the same extent as Helga Zepp la Rouche, then she might be doing something about this sad state of affairs, referenced above, which is a common plight for US citizens nowadays. Her husbands choice of VP is an advocate for austerity policies which completely ignore the potential in reinstating Glass Steagall by passing HR 1489 and getting back to an American Credit System and putting millions of people back to work by activating the NAWAPA project which has been on the back burner since the days of JFK. I have no problem with Mrs Romney at all, and I understand than she causes a ripple effect by her lifestyle, HOWEVER, it isn’t dealing with the bailouts which need to be shut down, and put the banksters and hedge funders on trial in many cases for fraud and criminal conspiracy to destroy the middle class here in the US and elsewhere like Pecora did. We really do need to broaden our horizons in my humble opinion and think of things that can be done which will really improve the living standard of people everywhere and get excitied about the recent landing of Curiosity on Mars and what wonderful discoveries lie ahead of us once we have got some decent people in leadership here in the US. I wish the Romney’s and the Obamas the very best and Sayonara to the both of them. I am utterly disgusted by them and their dreadful campaigns and lack of ideas for how to get a RE
        AL economic recovery going, which is not just going round and round in circles. We need someone who knows the way forward and who is not afraid of being truly patriotic and truly Christian to the max.
        There it is.


        • Alice,

          I’ve asked you this question before, but you chose to not answer it, so I’m asking you again. And if you ignore the question again, you will no longer have comment privilege on FOTM:

          Please tell us which politician in any political party in the USA satisfies your set of criteria and requirements to run for POTUS, and who had run in the state primaries. If there is such a person, he/she lost the primaries. This is what our political process is, like it or not. No matter how much you bitch and carp, the reality is that there are two main candidates for POTUS: Mitt Romney and the POS in the White House.

          By your relentless carping and bitching, what you’re telling us is that since Romney-Ryan do not meet with your approval, you’ll either not vote or you’ll vote for the POS. That is unconscionable and despicable.


          • Dear Dr. Eowyn. I will not harp and carp about the candidates any more.
            Thank you for giving me another chance. I understand that you think Paul
            Ryan is a good guy and should he become VP I pray that he will do a great job. I certainly would not vote for t he current president to have another term, neither did I vote in his favor at the last election. There is a place on the ballot for a write in candidate so I will only beable to do that this time. On a personal note, there are some people in Congress and elsewhere in the presidency who are better qualified than these two candidates because they are not hell bent on participating in war after war and they understand that only a dictator can go to war as Obama is threatening to do again in Syria or Iran perhaps, without the consent of Congress. IT seems that Congres is allowing International pressure to override this principle. Representative Jones with his Resolution 107 seems to think that this should be adhered to. This is something that I would be interested to hear discussed in the current presidential campaigning process, also the question of reinstating Glass Steagall which is still waiting to be heard in the House, HR 1489. There are many signatures co sponsoring this bill already, and it seems that there are congressmen and women who share this step to be a good one. I would like to hear that discussed in the campaign thoroughly so that the American Peoople can think about how it would help. To render the illegal gambling derivative and exotic financial instruments debts back to the originators, and not have us the citizenry to pay for them, would be a tremendous step forward. To have congress to utter credit for worthwhile projects that would put millions of people back to work, and make it necessary for the unskilled youth etc. to be taught skills so they could take part in these projects and lead a decent life working on them, projects that would take at least one generation’s time to complete would give people a sense of hope for the future. There seems to be time to discuss cutting back on social security, on national defense, to spend weeks on same sex marriage and all sort of things which don’t really advance us scientifically at all, and in fact distract us from the main problem. The future of mankind……… to fund scientific research and ddevelopment and put people in decent homes with a decent job with a future and increase people’s awareness of how exciting it is that we now have Curiosity on Mars with it’s little space laboratory, doing all kinds of research and exploration on our behalf so that we can expand our horizons from a state of worry and anxiety. I agree that the campaigns are very far advanced and that it look’s like one of the two will be elected.
            The onoy thing I am can do is pray for some of the things I am concerned about to be brought up in one or other of the two campaigns and for them to be given a fair hearing. I hope that you are not so angry with me any more, and will learn a lesson about being so heavy on things I read that freak me out so much I respond out of shock, before giving those subjects enough time to marinate in my brain and become less crazed. With best regards, sincerely, Alice Wolf.


        • Thanks for your kind attention to my remarks. I am most surprised that they were perceived by you to be a “blast”. I certainly didn’t intend to “blast” anything or anyone. My intention is to encourage anyone who cares to listen to anything I might say to be courageous and patriotic. At this time a lot of courage and a whole lotta patriotism is required to save our republic’s sovreignty. It is the time for us to put aside personal grievances and pet peeves as well as little things we think we deserve because we well, we just deserve that piece of chocolate cake, because the existence of mankind is at stake. FDR said at one point that the danger at that moment in time, was so great that everyone had to put aside themselves and work for the greater good. I expect you think that this is rather pompous. Well, in case you do, it is just something that happens when you pick up your cross to follow Christ.
          He didn’t tell us “pick up your cross and follow me” so that he could take us up a gum tree. It was serious. He died once and for all for us and he is the door, the way, the truth and the life. At this moment, the sacrifice he made on behalf of mankind is still covering us and keeping us, and only if the situation is looked at from this perspective can it become beautiful.
          The LORD is beautiful for situations. I know that the church has become a joke to many and the idea of redemption is far from people’s minds, but if we are to expect the fulfillment of Isaiah 43:19 to manifest before our eyes then it will be because we are fit to be part of it.
          Certainly I have no reason to judge Mrs Romney’s personal life. She is working out her own salvation in fear and trembling most likely, and therefore there is now no condemnation according to what Jesus told us.
          So I hope that makes you feel more relaxed……………….my contributions are so tiny compared to others. But I do so love FOTM for being somewhere where we are free within limitations, to express ourselves.


  7. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.
    –Abraham Lincoln

    (A Licoln quote that, somehow, lleft/liberal types miss.)


  8. Oh my goodness, Rebecca, I guess it just doesn’t matter how much money and attitude you have, huh? Still doesn’t stop you from stuttering when you type, land sakes girl, I think there’s an app for that.


  9. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. We sure have boxed ourselves into a tight corner. Where’s Jo Tyson when you need him?


    • Dear Alice,

      That’s a false moral equivalence. While Romney-Ryan are not perfect, we are definitely, without a doubt, MORE damned if we vote for or facilitate the reelection of the POS! 😀


      • You are right. I stand corrected. I really am having a bad hair day. That is just an attempt to keep my own spirits up over this stumbling block, and in no way is intended to cast a poor light on the Romney Ryan Campaign. I will lay low for a few days and pray for wisdom like it tells me I can in the Book Of James.
        In his grip. Alice


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