Angel and Devil on 9/11

The photo taken by Crystal Fuller at the vigil for the 12 shot dead by James Holmes — of what appears to be a huge angel in the cloud formation in the sky over Aurora, Colorado — reminded me of another interesting pareidolia (the human disposition to see patterns in random data) phenomenon.

Do you remember that horrible devil face in the billowing smoke of the stricken Twin Towers on 9-11?

I’ve never seen that picture again in any accounts of that terrible day since. I was beginning to think it was my imagination….

So I went looking for it on the net.

Here’s Urban Legends’ account of the devil face:

Images of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks have been captured in thousands of photographs. Some of the pictures are horrific, some poignant, and some gut-wrenching, but viewers have written in to newspapers and television stations, saying that that they see an even more haunting image in the smoke billowing from the World Trade Center.

Viewers said that in two specific instances, in a photo taken by an Associated Press photographer, and in a video by CNN, they can clearly identify the eyes, nose, mouth and horns of a devil in the black and gray smoke. They questioned whether the photographers manipulated the photo to include a satanic face.

Vin Alabiso, an AP vice president and executive photo editor, said that the AP photo [see below] was untouched…. “AP has a very strict written policy which prohibits the alteration of the content of a photo in any way,” Albiso said. “The smoke in this photo combined with light and shadow has created an image which readers have seen in different ways.” […]

Update (6-19-2013):

FOTM received an email stating that ©Mark D Phillips has the copyright on the above image and that the image cannot be reprinted without written consent from Mr. Phillips. FOTM is grateful for his permission.


CNN has not made any comments about its picture. But the image has been removed from their Web site. The video from which the image came has been disabled by YouTube. See here.

Here’s another version of the devil face:

What is less known is that there was another image in the Twin Towers’ billowing smoke that terrible day.

A viewer wrote in to that she saw an image of an angel, which gave her hope despite seeing the devil face, and left her with a feeling of peace. The angel image, captured by WABC, has also been untouched. Here’s the angel pic, from WDIV Local 4‘s archives:

There is a psychological phenomenon called pareidoliais, which refers to the human inclination to perceive a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in the “man in the moon” — seeing human features on the moon.

But given how little we humans actually know about the world — what with multiple dimensions, black holes, the mysterious dark matter that cosmologists say constitute the bulk of our Universe, not to mention the notion of multiple universes — who’s to say the devil and angel on 9-11 and the angel over Aurora are mere pareidoliais?

After all, St. Paul did warn us in his letter to the Ephesians:

“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.“

Update (Sept. 11, 2014):

There was not just one Devil face in the WTC smoke, but many. See “Devil’s Face in Smoke of 911 at WTC.”

See also “She saw hundreds of Angels where Flight 93 crashed on 9-11


22 responses to “Angel and Devil on 9/11

  1. Wow, had never heard of this. Interesting…

    Man, watching that vid of the plane crash still brings a tear to my eye 😦


  2. I am reminded of a event that happened in my family .. At a family party,my brother was pointing out a cross in the sky it seemed only he could see. he insisted it was plain to see, but only he could see it..He died shortly after this party at age of 30…My father took some comfort in this story and spoke of it many times.. True story


  3. Sylphs anyone?



    This video was made to remind us why our troops are protecting us everyday! If they weren’t we would be attacked again here at home. Thank You Troops!


  5. This occurred immediately after the most beautiful singing performance of our National Anthem – and the bagpipes began to play – during the flag ceremony – on the Tenth Anniversary of 911 – and is an exact reflection of what is in OUR White House – shown to the Universe =

    The Obamas at the Tenth Anniversary of the 911 Radical Muslim Terrorist Attacks on US soil:
    Michelle Obama – “All This for a Damn Flag”.
    All This for a Damn Flag – Shown at Three different speeds:

    God Bless America!

    God Bless our American Troops!


  6. You are like me. I had seen the AP photo shortly after 9-11 but no one else seemed to talk about it ever and I never saw it again. Not sure what prompted me to look for it tonight, but when I googled found your blog. Thanks for making me seem not so….weird. I just showed my husband and his first reaction, like mine, was to not look much and turn away. He’s a U.S. Marine, by the way, and our lives were actually changed forever by 9-11, for the better. We’d not be together except he was on his way to Afghanistan and looked me up after many years. So I believe amidst all the pain were slivers of silver lining for some people. Who knows the larger picture?


  7. the angel in the sky would most likely be micheal the archangel defend us in battle b our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil may god rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou o prince of the heavenly host by the divine power of god cast into hell satan and all evil spirits whoroam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.amen


  8. Wow. I’d never seen or heard of this before.


  9. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for posting about this–I had seen the picture of satan’s face in the black smoke of the trade center before, but not the angel’s picture–it’s wonderful to see the angel, since it helps show that, in spite of what the devil might do to harm us, God is always watching and there to help us in dire times for us–my impression of the angel was not that he was Michael, but was a personal guardian there to help, even if that meant help escort the souls, of those who died at that time, to heaven–it was so comforting to see him there, too–God sent him to be with those whose loved ones couldn’t be there for them–awesome.:)
    Christie C.


  10. This is not the only evidence of Satan’s presence at the WTC. The facades of WTC1 and WTC2 were ringed with trident-like designs very similar to the devil’s pitchfork. You can see them at


  11. There also was evidence of the presence of angels at the Shanksville, PA crash site. In her book “In The Shadow Of A Badge”, FBI agent Lillie Leonardi states she saw the following:
    “To my amazement, there at the left of the crash site stood what appeared to be a legion of angels. There were hundreds of them, standing in columns – a field of angels, emerging from the realms of the mist. I recognized them as archangels, wings arched up toward the sky.”
    She believes they were led by the Archangel Michael.


  12. I was burning trash the other night and taking some high speed photos just for fun,,,,,,, when I went back to review the photos, what I saw was extremely disturbing!!!!!! If your interested in what I saw,, comment on this post and we will talk.


  13. This is so cool!!!!!!!!


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  16. The photos of 9-11 shown here are just the tip of the iceberg. After seeing the “face of evil” photo years ago, I then viewed all the videos on you-tube and the demonic images are amazing and many of them are much clearer. The “powers of the air” that the Bible speaks of can easily be seen in clouds, fire, and smoke at any time…not just from 9-11.
    One interesting characteristic of these entities is that they love to show their teeth. They also create subliminal messages in the clouds to influence the subconscious of the human population. One subliminal message they create is that of evolution…and some photos that I have taken show this quite clearly. The powers of the air, are most definitely in the air, doing things that we never would have guessed.


    • mike smith,

      Can you give us the URLs of those videos on YouTube which you saw showing demonic faces, esp. with teeth?
      Would you be interested in this blog, FOTM, publishing the photos you took? If so, please email me at:

      Thank you,

      Dr. Eowyn
      Owner, FOTM


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