DHS orders yet another millions of rounds of ammo

The United States of America has a well-armed military that (presumably) protects and defends our country from external aggressors, as well as state militia, the National Guard. So why are civilian bureaucracies of the federal government, especially the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), arming themselves and amassing an arsenal?

First, it was the Department of Education buying shotguns in March 2010. Then in March 2012 came news that the DHS ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. The next month, April 2012, it was the USDA buying 300,000 rounds of ammo. In July 2012 came news that the DHS added high-powered battle rifles to its arsenal. On August 8, 2012, the DHS ordered over half a ton of high explosives.

The latest news is that the DHS has just put in an order for even more ammunition — hundreds of millions of rounds.

On August 10, 2012, the DHS office in Glenco, Georgia, submitted the purchase order (“solicitation contract”) for the ammo. (Click here for the PDF of the solicitation contract.)

The contracting office that submitted the purchase order is:

Department of Homeland Security
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Bldg 93
Glynco, Georgia 31524

The contracting officer is Sheryle Wood of the DHS:

See also Obama’s Presidential Policy Directive 8 on “National Preparedness,” issued on March 30, 2011, empowering the DHS to be the coordinating agency over “all levels of government” for the “systematic preparation for the threats that pose the greatest risk to the security of the Nation, including acts of terrorism, cyber attacks, pandemics, and catastrophic natural disasters.” Presidential Directives carry the full force and effect of law.

It sure is beginning to look like that rumor about a fake assassination attempt on the POS, which would spark riots and martial law, is less and less fanciful….

H/t Activist Post and FOTM’s Miss May



14 responses to “DHS orders yet another millions of rounds of ammo

  1. It looks like your reading the receipts correctly, unless the fed is doing an awful lot of target practice and training. If you have ever been to a federal firing range you would know they expend rounds in practice like they are in a serious gun battle like it is raining bullets. It’s nothing like civilian practice.


  2. When you divide the rounds purchased by the number of agents and officers in the field you will find that the allotment is 200 rounds per week per person. It sounds like a lot of ammo purchased but not per person.


  3. homeschool mama

    I suppose if the ammo is only used for target practice then this would be a routine purchase. Btw, why does the dept of education need ammo? Reason 1,000,001 to homeschool !


  4. Maybe they’re gifting it to the Sinaloa Cartel to go along with the Fast & Furious Weapons.


  5. This smells like Zerobama’s expressed wish for a powerful new wing of military, dedicated to control of the citizens of America. Department of Education is no place for a bulk purchase of firepower unless you are trying to move things into place secretly.
    “If your enemy talks peace, but quietly moves his armies to your border, he will attack.” ~ Sun Tzu


  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, Activist Post and Miss May for this incredible post! I am so happy that the American people know about it and can put two and two together. We must continue to fight against the terriorism perpetrated by this evil administration against the American people. We know what to do come election time – vote the king out of office and his minions!


  7. marki81769@aol.com

    What’s the big deal? It’s all range ammo. Nothing to get excited about. How did this guy get here?


  8. Wow!!!
    Here’s just one of many links about Arne Duncan, the head of Obama’s DOE:


  9. I believe that actual, real genuine genocide is coming to America once the civil unrest starts. Let’s look at the evidence so far. We have an elite that has been saying for years now that the population of Planet Earth should be reduced. Both Sarkosy and Gorbachev, as two examples, are on the record that humanity’s numbers should be “about a billion.”
    If logic rules the roost, just how does that goal get accomplished?
    This is not wing-nut nonsense. Read the blogs and websites on the internet. I have discovered at least a dozen sound ones that back this elitist desire up.
    The plans are already written down. The individuals in Washington do not have them; Their handlers have them.
    Let’s face the prospects of what we know for the immediate future. The American economy will tank. It’s only a matter of time. War with Iran will happen. That, too, is only a matter of time. When these trigger events happen, the events will unfold given enough time. My reasonable prediction is that this decade will see qualitative and quantitative changes for all of humanity before it’s over. We have to see to it that we’re squared with God and prepared to endure what happens.


  10. LaSantaHermandad

    This is the fiend King Samir Shabazz who stood with a bullhorn on a corner on South Street in “Killadelphia” and called for the killing of crackers and their little babies, while Philadelphia PD officers sat in their vans and did nothing. He’s now taken it to the next level. He’s also one of the two Black Panthers (apologies to the nobel felines) who intimidated White voters outside the Philly polling place whose terroristic threats were ignored by our prestigious DOJ and even more prestigious AGOTUS. Don’t make a case out of the source of this link. The video doesn’t lie. It’s still the same psycho saying it. You won’t hear anything like this on the main stream news media. Just think what happened to Dom Imus for his stupid statement. Remember what Benyamin Netanyahu said about people who constantly say they want to kill you. Your DOJ and your AGOTUS have taken a laissez-faire attitude and it appears that calling for genocide doesn’t rise to the level of an indictable crime if the intended targets are White. Bill Ayers’ group also supported the strategy of killing White babies. I’m starting to wonder of Roe v Wade wasn’t a first step in the elimination of White people program or was it just a fortuitous stroke of luck for these radical psychos?
    ( Rhetorical question) CLick on the link to hear this monster.
    RIP Channon & Christopher, Eve Carson, The Wichita 4 0f 5, Lauren Burke, Amy Biehl, Amy Willard, Anne Pressley, Melissa McLachlan, Maria Cabuenos, the
    Alexandroff women, InHo Oh and the tens of thousands of innocent White & Asian people who never got to live their entire lives during the last fifty years simply because they WERE White or Asian.



    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/08/19/shocking-newsweek-cover-hit-road-barack-why-we-need-new-president#ixzz242lI7lb9


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