Angel over I-285

A reader of Spirit Daily sent this photo, which was taken this morning on I-285, Atlanta, Georgia:


11 responses to “Angel over I-285

  1. Wow–I travel this road often!


  2. Lord knows Atlanta needs a lot of help


  3. Wow… how beautiful—


  4. So cool!


  5. Proof that Catholic and Christianity have favored the concept of god, and we stand our ground correctly.


  6. Well I know that if I was driving and saw that image, I’d either crash or pull over and start saying the rosary. WOW!


  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for sharing with us this beautiful photograph! It certainly looks like an angel! I would definitely pull over if I saw this image and pray the Rosary, which is the prayer of the Gospel! Again, we ask Jesus to send us the assistance of His angels and saints!


  8. lowtechgrannie

    I’m usually a bit sceptical of reading significance in cloud formations; but, this one falls into a category all its own.


  9. I-285 needs all the help it can get, as that is one scary highway.



  10. too cool


  11. It was sent to one of my friends by a pastor and said was a road in Michigan lol. Oh boy, where did it come from?


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