Full Interview of George Zimmerman on Hannity – July 18, 2012

11 responses to “Full Interview of George Zimmerman on Hannity – July 18, 2012

  1. I thought George handled the interview really well. But, I’ve heard the Martin family is outraged because he said he wouldn’t do anything different and had no regrets.


  2. I knew that one was going to get folks all worked up! He said it was all “God’s Plan” and that he didn’t regret what he did. Ohhhhh, get ready now!! But why, in the name of all that’s sane, did he give THAT interview BEFORE his trial?? Maybe say he was sorry, it was unavoidable, he regretted it terribly. Yeah, he’s lying – isn’t that what all criminal trials are? The defendant rarely tells the truth, cuz the truth is messy, finely nuanced and just NOT comprehensible to the common juror getting 5 bucks a day to sit and listen to ppl yap on and on. They’re either missing their soaps, or there aren’t three judges sitting there w/ some kind of buzzer in their hands and snappy come backs to the DA or some smart-@$$ed witness. (More’s the pity.) But to say, “Yeah I did it, I’d do it again (implied) and I’m not sorry I did it and I’m not sorry I was carrying (an unlicensed?) gun” prolly won’t sit well w/ a jury being at least half, if not more, filled w/ folks the same color as Treyvon. Unless they move that trial to a VERY lily white area – good luck. Why did he do it? Guess we’ll never know. Beats me… smh


    • BritCapitalist

      “Why did he do it?”….. Should be obvious once you take away the PC cloak, which has covered objective truth, demonized Zimmerman and protected the untouchable Travon. Was Martin on drugs? Why no autopsy? Take a cold objective look at the evidence and then ask yourself: “If someone were banging my head into concrete, having broken my nose, and wasn’t stopping and has now seen my exposed concealed weapon; would my instinct be to grab the gun before he does and before I lose consciousness, to save my life?

      It’s called Self Defense. Those who should apologize are the racists who instantly labeled him “racist”; Spike Lee, who gave out his home address for the purpose of causing him harm and the media that edited Zimmerman’s original call to the police. If the world were not upside down they would all be prosecuted.


      • Oh no, Brit, you misunderstand me. I understand why he shot the aggressive critter, I meant why did he say all this before his trial? Gives the prosecution a hand wrapped gift of method, motive, means; he said he’d do it again; and he doesn’t regret it. If you’re a prospective juror, esp. the type already predisposed towards Treyvon, why have the trial, hang the white racist now! How is Zimmerman going to get a fair trial, when before he said all this, he STILL wasn’t going to get a fair trial? That’s what I meant by “Why did he do it?” If I was getting my head smashed on the concrete and I could reach a gun, well, I should hope I’d have the nerve and no last minute compunctions that would probably get ME killed!


        • BritCapitalist

          Christine, thank you for your clarification; now I see where you were coming from. I do believe that Zimmerman did not hurt himself in this first interview with Hannity and was impressed that his attorney did not say a word. Here’s a little light relief from all this:


    • From what I understand you don’t need to register a gun in Florida.


  3. OK, I wasn’t sure exactly what I heard last night, I was talking to my husband at the same time and some stuff slipped by. I thought Sean had asked him something about that.

    And hey, good first blog…And I didn’t even know I had responded to it! Sent you a link for your perusal on Dr. Eoywn’s leave of absence post. I have come to think of all of you friends, I come here more and more often, far more than daily now. And it all came because a fellow I know, also named Steve, who kept posting links to these pages on my FB page! It breaks my heart to think anyone of y’all are sick! (Us, maybe? Am I part of this family yet, or should I take more time to assume my place?) It’s a grievous thing. I’m living through it w/ my beloved, and will until one of us goes. Just scares the splinters out of me!

    I just signed up for my own blog here on WordPress, but it’s hidden, for now. I’ve never done this before. I’m writing one on the breathtaking audacity of Obama saying ppl’s businesses aren’t their own and you know what’s weird? I’ve NEVER had butterflies putting words to paper, (except a couple of “Oh-my-the-crap’s-gonna-hit-the-fan-now” letters to my mother) and it’s giving me butterflies to write this and it’s not even public!! Yeah, I’m weird. Guess y’all know THAT by now, huh? LOL!!

    Congrats on the move up, dear, I’ll be looking forward to your writings! 😀


  4. Thank you, Hardnox, for posting the interview! It was on my to-do list, but I played chauffeur this morning, driving husband to hospital for a 2-unit blood transfusion. He’s still getting it as I write this. In an hour, I’m going back to pick him up. So I’m especially grateful to you that you’re manning the forts at FOTM in my absence! 😀


  5. If Travon hadn’t been kicked out of school for marijuana he more than likely wouldn’t have been up in Sanford walking around late at night.


  6. Thanks, Grouchy! 😀


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