Islamists destroy mosque tombs (and it wasn’t their own)

Mali Islamists destroy tombs at famous Timbuktu mosque

Reuters: Islamist militants destroyed two tombs on Tuesday at the famous 14th century Djingareyber mosque in Timbuktu, classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site, residents said.

About a dozen militants arrived in an armored four-wheel drive truck, armed with pickaxes and hoes. They fired in the air to intimidate people and started smashing the tombs, said Ibrahim Cisse, who witnessed the scene.

“They blocked the two main roads leading to the mausoleums. When they saw people gathering for a ceremony nearby, they began firing shots in the air,” said another resident, Mahamad ould Ibrahim.

The new destruction comes after attacks last week on other historic and religious landmarks in Timbuktu that UNESCO called “wanton destruction”.  Islamists of the Ansar Dine group say the centuries-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam are idolatrous.

Ansar Dine and well-armed allies, including al Qaeda splinter group MUJWA, have hijacked a separatist uprising by local Tuareg MNLA rebels and now control two-thirds of Mali’s desert north, territory that includes the regions of Gao, Kidal and Timbuktu.

They have destroyed at least 8 of 16 listed mausoleums in the city, together with a number of tombs and a sacred door at Sidi Yahya mosque, in their campaign to erase traces of what they regard as un-Islamic idolatry.

According to UNESCO, Djingareyber, together with the Sankore and Sidi Yahia mosques, are known as the three great mosques of the city. Djingareyber was built by the sultan Kankan Moussa after his return in 1325 from a pilgrimage to Mecca.


The Djingareyber Mosque is made entirely of earth plus organic materials such as fibre, straw and wood. It has three inner courts, two minarets and twenty-five rows of pillars aligned in an east-west direction and prayer space for 2,000 people.

Religion of Peace strikes again.  Working hard to destroy everything that is not Islam.



11 responses to “Islamists destroy mosque tombs (and it wasn’t their own)

  1. Religious wars are always the craziest. I recall reading about the many factional upheavals the Catholic Church went through even when it was the sole super-Church in Europe; when Protestantism arose the focus changed to Us versus Them. I’ve never really understood the urge to exterminate other people following their understanding of Christ, as all sides are then in denial of His teachings….

    These Islamic crazies are similar, one sect claiming itself the True One, so the others must die. At one time there was a Muslim version of MAD, when several large kingdoms or Caliphates fell off major wars in favour of endless skirmishes on their kingdom’s edges. “The more it changes, the more it stays the same” seems eternally true. The rain of Heaven falls upon the just and the unjust alike!


  2. Even dead people can’t get any rest from Islam


  3. You have to wonder if the wars of Islam are actually a way the kings kill off the male population so they have more women for themselves.


  4. They are looking to wreck the pyramids in Egypt, too.

    Is there anything these 7th Century illiterate barbarians won’t destroy?



  5. Guess the Sufi weren’t violent and hostile enough to be considered real muslims by the jihadists.


  6. edward oleander

    I got it! We still have 10 million WWI rifles packed in grease, perfectly preserved. Let’s fill them with ammo, and drop them in lots of 100,000 or so wherever these little wars of radical jihadists break out.

    The rifles are bolt action, and would pose no threat to the USA or our allies, but would be perfect for ululating madmen to slag each other with.


    ps: I first suggested this as a way to end the Iran/Iraq war of the ’80s…


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