How To Snag a Youtube Video Before It Disappears

Have you ever been frustrated because a Youtube video has been “removed by user” or you just can’t find the keywords to access it again when you want to share  or have the time to watch?

Some of the best are long documentaries you don’t have time to watch when you first run across them.  (There is one I sent to Dr. Eowyn that runs 4 hours!  I’ll bet she still hasn’t found time to watch it–LOL  It’s probably already been removed from Youtube due to the politically-incorrect information provided a a college professor spilling the beans about what the real situation is in his country)

If there is any possibility of a copyright infringement dispute, Youtube aka Google sends a warning the Youtube /user uploader.   To be on the safe side legally, the user takes it offline.  It’s happened to me.  I have two friends who are Tribute artist singers; one is dead-on Neil Diamond singer with a full 10-piece back up band, the other is the personification of Elvis and does live performances with pre-recorded backup music.

I’ve recorded both with my little flip-cam and posted them on my Youtube Channel.  Steve Kelly, who does the knock-out Neil Diamond music with his band Cherry-Cherry, has always passed Youtube scrutiny.  The Elvis impersonator who is also the KIRO radio traffic reporter Shane Cobane, videos have all been flagged for take-down except this one. There were about 10 other Shane/Elvis videos Youtube made me take down.  Why not this one?  Who knows?

I said all this to say, there is a quick, free, user-friendly way to save Youtube videos (even the long documentaries) to your computer, flash drive, burn to a cd or dvd, etc.

It also allows you to convert the video to other formats, even MP3 audio files you can play on your IPOD.  Don’t take my word for it.  It’s got a five-star rating from CNET, too!  They offer a “pro” version for $19.95; but, the freeware one works just great and is regularly updated!  Go for the free YTD Basic version, not the “pro” version.   ~LTG


13 responses to “How To Snag a Youtube Video Before It Disappears

  1. Curses, foiled again… if it weren’t for those meddling downloaders. 🙂


  2. Great article!

    I’m fond of the free program VDownloader. Indeed, I was so impressed I bought the paid version, which has enhanced features like letting you convert to a wide variety of formats on the fly:


  3. Thanks, LTG! Gee, if I hang around long enough I may graduate from the computer illiterate group I belong to now!


    • Moxie, it’s very user friendly. All you do is open the YTD on your desktop and click on the “download” section. When you find the Youtube video you want, copy and paste the Youtube URL where on the YTD download page. It’s the same screen as in the photo above.


  4. Best way to learn computers: Get a cheap used “expendable computer”. Install your antivirus program of choice on it, install your important programs such as your word processor, and never ever use it to access your email, or log into any website where you have a user name/password.. Disconnect your regular computer from the internet and from any home network. Then, play to your heart’s content with the “expendable computer”. Try stuff, if your “expendable computer” gets hosed, that’s how you learn, and no harm done, just wipe it clean and start over. Much better way to learn than from books, magazines, or some geek like me looking over your shoulder and making you nervous or cautious 🙂


  5. Well, I say I’m illiterate but I know there are worse people…now that hubby is retired and I’m getting a glimpse of his skill level I’m wondering how he had a job for as long as he did! 😉
    He gets panic-stricken by pop-up windows, haha…but he’s getting a laptop so he’ll be able to practice so I’m sure he’ll improve.


  6. johnnyutatsrt8

    Reblogged this on TECH REBLOGGER.


  7. LTG,

    I just followed your directions and successfully downloaded my very first YouTube video: Neil Finn’s “Song of the Lonely Mountain”, which will be the music accompanying the closing credits of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”. I just know the video will be yanked from YouTube any minute for copyright issues. THANK YOU! 😀


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