Islam and the real war on women

The real war on women…

Sudanese female minor sentenced to death by stoning

The Observer: A Sudanese judge, Sami Ibrahim Shabo sentenced to death by stoning a young woman accused of committing adultery.

Intisar Sharif Abdalla, believed to be between 15 and 17 years of age (although prison authorities claim she is 20) was sentenced to death in accordance with Article 146 of the Sudanese criminal law albeit without legal representation.

The judgment was made on May 13, 2012 after just one hearing and came after an “admission of guilt” plea following torture and brutal beatings by Sharif’s brother who instigated the case. Her co-accused however remains un-convicted and walks freely.

This absurd decision demonstrates both the inhumane and brutal sanctioning to death for committing sexual relations outside of marriage, but furthermore calls into questions the legal institutions and frameworks applied, especially as the “admission of guilt” was made under duress.

Sharif is accused of having a relationship outside wedlock and getting impregnated by a man who is not legally her husband.  Initially, she and the man whom she is co-accused with both denied the charges.

Her lawyer, only able to access her after the judgment was made, understands that following her initial denial she was beaten up and tortured repeatedly by her brother forcing her to confess to committing adultery. With the ‘coerced’ confession, Judge Sami Ibrahim Shabo of Ombada General Criminal Court, Khartoum state, sentenced her to stoning after just one court session.

Sharif is understood to be deeply traumatized and is without access to any suitable psychosocial support. Her newly born child is also with her in prison. Ultimately, some observers believe the judgment demonstrates the scale of discrimination against women and girls in Sudan and the biased judgments made against them for acts which involves two sexes – a man and woman. It is incredulous that the man with whom she has been accused is able to walk free showing explicitly the strong anti-women sentiment and harsh management of family disputes that exist within both the Sudanese judicial system and society.

Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is calling on the Sudan Ministry of Justice and other relevant Sudanese government bodies to investigate this case thoroughly and possibly overturn the judgment.

Though liberals would like you to believe there is a “war on women” perpetrated by the republicans, lest you forget that we live in the 21st century and Islam is still stoning women.  Absolutely cruel and barbaric this “religion of peace”.



5 responses to “Islam and the real war on women

  1. As long as oil is involved, Sudan will be a ‘friend and ally’ of the USSA, so suck it up dear friends for the good of Standard Oil and all the others who need our dollars more than we do.

    Have you checked out how the Saud terrorist regime, our ‘best Arabian friends’ in the Mid-East, treats women and others lately? Did you know there is still a weekly slave auction there, and the most prized are blonde white women? One of the blonde daughters of a favourite HS teacher of mine, John Sorensen, went missing in the early 1960s as her family was touring Egypt. The police found her after a few hours and told John that he was very lucky, as her kidnappers had her destined for that slave market.


  2. Arabic women are treated worse than animals. Stoning always sounded pretty bad to me but until I watched “The Stoning Of Soraya M.” I had no idea how terrible. Usually women are falsely accused of adultery because her husband has found a better deal and wants her out of the picture. These women are buried up to their necks, so the village idiots can hurl the biggest rocks they can find without her being able to ward off blows with her arms. They make her own children throw the first rocks. When they are done there is nothing left but a bloody pulp. This is their idea of justice. And we are supposed to worry about offending these people.


  3. Don’t those numb skull moronic Muslim Morons know Jesus ignored those stone throwing laws? Repenting is in order. If not the lake of fire will be made bigger by those not being like Jesus is.


  4. Bass-ackward illiterate barbarians.



    • Our conflict with these dudes boils down to one basic, irreconcilable difference: They believe freedom is un-godly, we believe freedom is God-given.


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