Why Obama will lose

…unless he pulls a stunt like Martial Law, or have his ACORN minions commit massive voter fraud.


Breakdown Of Demographics Shows Obama In Trouble

The Western Center for Journalism
May 30, 2012

Barack Obama is not winning any voting bloc he lost in 2008, and he is not doing better with any bloc he did win four years ago.

Nevertheless, the “experts” keep telling us that this race is tied or that Obama is leading. The only way to explain these “expert’” pronouncements is that Obama has captured the coveted Power Ranger vote.  Hey, if dead people and illegal aliens can’t vote anymore, toy dummies must be filling in the gaps for the real ones! As to real people, here’s the truth of where they stand on Obama.

1) Catholics

recent Pew poll found Obama went from up 9 points to down 5 points with Catholics  since March. This translates to a shift of 18 million voters.

2) Evangelicals

An April Pew poll found Evangelical Christians favor Mitt Romney 73/20, and white Catholics support him 57/37.

3) Jews

A Knowledge Networks poll conducted March 14-27 found Obama getting just 61% of Jewish support. No Democrat has ever won while getting 67% or less of the Jewish vote.

4) Young voters

In 2008, Obama won young voters 66/32. Today, the support for Obama among young voters has been measured at just  48/41, but more importantly, young voters  have little enthusiasm to vote. Today, at best, 56% said they would vote compared to 78% who said the same in spring of 2008.

5) Women

In 2008, Obama won the female vote 56/43. Monday’s Gallup poll found Obama ahead with women by 49/42.

6) Men

Obama is losing men 50/42. In 2008, Obama lost men 49/48.

7) African Americans, Hispanics

In April, Gallup found Obama’s support among Blacks at 85% (down 5 points) and Hispanic support also down 5 points to 54%.

8) Veterans

In 2008, John McCain won the veteran vote 55/45. Monday’s Gallup poll found Obama losing 58/34.

9) White voters

Obama’s approval among white voters was 34% last month. It was 37% on Election Day 2010, a bloodbath for Democrats.

10) Union workers

Obama got 59% of the union household vote in 2008. That percentage actually went up in 2010 (61%), but it did them little good because the percentage of union voters fell 4% from 2008.  

11) Fraudulent/dead

In April, Reuters lamented, “ New state laws designed to fight voter fraud could reduce the number of Americans signing up to vote in this year’s presidential election by hundreds of thousands, a potential problem for President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.” Rock The Vote, a national voter registration project, has withdrawn from Florida because the Sunshine State’s anti-voter fraud laws are too tough to beat.

12) Big donors

Obama’s Big PACs are raising only a fraction of what Republican PACs are putting together for November.

13) Rank-and-file Democrats

The recent primaries in West Virginia (where a federal inmate got 40% of the vote against Obama), Arkansas (where an unknown Democrat got 42% against him), and Kentucky (where “uncommitted” got 40% against Obama) shows he has little support from rank-and-file Democrats.

So who are these “experts” interviewing?


14 responses to “Why Obama will lose

  1. 85% for AA. Its a damn shame when we see 85% as positive. We are so freaking lost even the second coming of Christ could not save us.

    Pathetic, just pathetic…


    • Not trying to take away from this bit of news (which is good) but come the hell on 85%?!


    • Will,

      It is pathetic, isn’t it, when 85% is considered an improvement. But then, 85% is still better than the 96% of African Americans who went for Obama in 2008.

      I wonder if 85% of AA will vote to reelect Obama this November, or they may just succumb to misplaced race loyalty, hold their noses, and still vote for that POS.


      • Trust me Eowyn it will happen again “race” always trumps common sense and sadly we are going to see first hand how “race” will trump God himself when the election goes full tilt.

        I suggest no one make a bet against me on that you will lose.


  2. Eyes Wide Open

    Dead people vote Democrat


  3. Well, color me happy. And I just saw black Democratic congressman Artur Davis on TV…he is LEAVING HIS PARTY because he is so disappointed in BO. Ouch.


  4. edward oleander

    Obama doesn’t have the family or infrastructure to commit the scale of fraud that Bush did in ’00 and ’04… Neither does Romney, and we’re eight years smarter at spotting it…

    This one is going to come down to getting out the vote. Romney’s best chance will be the militant apathy that many on “my” side are feeling… The more Obama becomes “Bush III” on civil liberties, unkept promises and stealth pro-business moves (like allowing MORE new offshore drilling than any previous President), the more of us who just might stay home, put on our Crosby, Stills and Nash albums and scream, “LA LA LA” when the news comes on…


  5. What part of which percentage does Donald Trump belong to? I know that he’s considered to be rather eccentric in his views, according to Wolf Blitzer, but he seems to be digging up the Barack Obama eligibility issue again. Why? Is he acting on his own or is he doing it because he is told to do so by who? What percentage of us is asking for him to be impeached for acting contrary to the oath he took to defend our constitution? Our intentions will determine the outcome of this presidency. What is the intention underlying the people who come up with these figures? The catagories they are tied to are like red herrings designed to distract us from the elephant in the room. Figures of speech are sometimes so incongruous placed alongside each other but this incongruity makes the point more effective.
    The inconclusive nature of the reports is like the fig leaf outfits that Adam and Eve put on in the Garden of Eden to cover their sense of nakedness, they were likely to shrivel up and fall off real quick and God required bloodshed to atone for the transgression. Jesus shed his blood for us, once and for all, so why do we continually revert to hiding the truth with fig leaves when the remedy is to repent? Every knee will bow, every tongue confess…………….IT IS WRITTEN.


  6. People are seeing that you can’t vote yourself a better future. You can however vote everyone the opportunity for such. That’s what the founding documents were all about. Not “fairness” as the libturds would have you believe as nothing in life is “fair” but unobstructed opportunity.

    Barry got in because neither he nor McCain offered opportunity and so style and race won. Style and race won because of the Bushes. Don’t think for a moment that “W” was on his own. His father has been pulling strings prior to being Reagan’s VP. As I’ve said before, Bush Sr. introduced this country to the concept of the NWO.

    Romney is no great shakes, I think most would agree. He does bring things back to the right and after this 200 MPH left turn, even a straight-away will feel refreshing. I have to think beyond this election and the moderate Romney. It will take far more than four years of “moderation” to fix our problems. That said, it’s likely the best we can hope for at this time.


  7. CelestineC-your right GHW Bush did introduce the New World Order,he did it in plain sight,over and over-his father Prescott worked with Hitler. Old Bush is a straight up Nazi-Reagan did not trust him for good reason. Why? How? did the United States of America ever put this man in the oval office? sounds familiar. Clinton carried on for Grandaddy Bush Cabal, illegal obama is driving it home. They are all involved. America and its unsuspecting Patriotism has been taken advantage of Big Time. Tom Deweese whom is fighting UN agenda 21-has a 24 minute video out on this. The Bush Cabal and obama are one in the same,clintons and on and on. Please go to standupamericaus.org and read the new article by (ret) Major General Paul Vallelly -RE_ British General. Here lies the solution to fixing our problems. It won’t be politicians,it will be you,and me and our neighbors and our friends and so on………


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