John Kerry still owes taxes on his $7 million yacht

For a man who is the wealthiest U.S. senator with an estimated wealth of $231 million, Massachusetts senator and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is not only stingy, but a tax-cheat.

Two years ago, Kerry landed in political hot water for avoiding a six-figure sales tax bill by keeping his $7 million luxury yacht “Isabel” in Rhode Island, rather than Massachusetts. After the tax scandal broke, Kerry said he would immediately pay all sales and excise taxes to Massachusetts, and move the yacht to his home base of Nantucket, Mass.

But Joe Battenfeld reports for, May 29, 2012, that things haven’t changed two years later.

The $7 million Isabel was seen last week docked in tony Newport, R.I. — a strange location considering it’s the place that landed Kerry in hot water two summers ago. Kerry’s office told The Herald that the Isabel is still registered in Nantucket, and was apparently just making a stopover in Newport.

So The Herald called the Nantucket tax collector’s office last week. There is no record of any bills or payments in Kerry’s name. A spokeswoman for Kerry said the senator’s accountant had tried repeatedly to get the tax bill from Nantucket, but couldn’t get a response. The taxes, amounting to roughly $100, were finally paid in full last December, according to Kerry’s office.

The skipper of the Isabel docked in Rhode Island asked The Herald not to take videos or pictures of the yacht’s name.

H/t FOTM’s Eyes Wide Open.

Like many liberals, John Kerry is generous only with other people’s, i.e., taxpayers’ money.

In 1995, Kerry reportedly had a taxable income of $126,179, and made charitable contributions of $0. In 1994, he gave $2,039 to charity. In 1993, the figure was $175. In 1992, it was $820, and in 1991, it was $0. [Source]



12 responses to “John Kerry still owes taxes on his $7 million yacht

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    Kerry has voted for every tax increase that ever came up in the senate yet he takes steps to avoid paying his own. Typical Washington mindset of do what I say, not what I do. And yet he still keeps getting sent back to Washington. What’s wrong with this picture?


  2. Weasel….and cheap!


  3. scum sucking communist ! they all need to pay up NOW! Kerry needs a trial by the people.


  4. demorats are just generous with our money!


  5. If he hadn’t been “swift-boated” he might have been president. Instead, Bush got a 2nd term. Come to think of it, if Kerry had won in 2004, Obama wouldn’t have run in 2008. Something to think about.


  6. $100 in taxes? Tax returns from the mid 1990s? Who cares?


  7. Edward Ritzmann

    Call him what you want, he laughs all the way to the bank and the names roll off him like water off a duck.


  8. Edward Ritzmann

    Peter, you`d care if you have to pay because he didn`t


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