Where’s Waldo

Is this Waldo? What a nice looking young man.

Or is this Waldo?  Umm, maybe not so nice. You don’t think the Media has an agenda now do ya?  They will reap what they sow. Karma is a Bitch!!



4 responses to “Where’s Waldo

  1. He was 13 years old in the first photo!


  2. Don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but that is one scary looking dude. If he was lurking around my neighborhood, I would be watching him and very concerned! Also his tweets and facebook page were very profane. His descriptions of girls and what he would like to do to them are disgusting. Not the angel the media portrayed.


  3. more evidence-the media is controlled. They will all go down in the end.


  4. Plus, they Photoshopped it to lighten his skin. So what are they saying, that dark-skinned people can’t look innocent? Sounds racist to me.


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