The goose who wears sandals

These pics of a pet goose named Gator were taken by Rebecca B., of the St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, FL.

Gator belongs to a couple who explained that they like to take walks with the goose.

But Gator often has to cross many blocks of asphalt and concrete. All that rough terrain takes a toll on his little webbed feet, so Gator’s people commissioned a special pair of Teva sandals for their bird!

H/t CuteOverload



9 responses to “The goose who wears sandals

  1. Among the cutest things & novel I’ve seen! Thanks!


  2. That’s so cute! Yeah, their little feet weren’t designed for rough asphalt!


  3. Cute.


  4. I’m impressed w/the caretaker’s awareness and ‘going the extra step’ to making Gator more comfortable. If Gator is a male, then he’s not a goose, but a gander. I used to raise geese, and would again if I didn’t live in a city. The Egyptians are my favs now.


  5. Being a goose affeciando ….that’s way cool…
    almost as cute as sled-dog booties


  6. lowtechgrannie

    Tevas are great shoes! Nothing but the best for this bird! LOL


  7. Lucky goose! My Tevas are the most comfortable I’ve ever had…


  8. I love people who love animals!


  9. Where can I get these shoes for my goose?


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