Obama thinks eating dogs is funny

At the White House correspondents dinner love-fest last Saturday night, not only did he make birthers and his still concealed birth certificate into a butt of jokes, Obama also joked about eating dogs.

MSN reports, April 30, 2012, that dog-eating jokes were “the main course” at press dinner.

For example, the evening’s host Jimmy Kimmel cracked: “Last week we learned that the president’s two favorite steaks are rib eye and seeing eye.”

Then Obama touched on Sarah Palin’s recent hosting of “Today” to segue into this line:

“What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull is delicious.”

He’s so narcissistically arrogant, he either doesn’t know how repugnant dog-eating is to Americans or he simply doesn’t care. That joke was a “F-You” to the American people.

And to those on the Left who say “it’s just a joke!” —

Sure. I’ll believe it when I see someone joke about killing Trayvon Martin at the White House correspondents dinner.

How about it, Obama? Where’s your sense of humor, um?



10 responses to “Obama thinks eating dogs is funny

  1. Something like eating a doggie is just not funny…


  2. sick president and his demented half wit followers.. dragging us down dragging us all down the drain… get rid of affirmative racism and dumbed down education and get the obama’s out of the white house and into the jail house

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  3. In Obama’s case, It’s not funny; it is cannibalism.
    Him and Idi Amin Dada have something in common; they would have eaten Sara Palin.

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  4. The office of the President used to be held in high regard, and respected. Obama’s most recent attempts at humor are pathetic and disgusting! He’s brought it down more than any other President, including Bill Clinton!!!!


  5. It’s scary that he doesn’t realize we’re laughing AT him, not WITH him…sheesh, Skippy, grow a conscience!


  6. I wonder what Snoop Dogg thinks of Obama now.
    Or his Dogg Timmy Geithner. Or his Dogg Ben Bernanke. As the old saying goes: “Dogg eats Dog”.
    Sorry everyone, I know this is a bit far fetched. But things have gotten so ghastly lately that my sense of humor is getting a bit worn out. Halleluyah anyway.


  7. Obama is a scumbag. Insulting Mothers of any kind, talking about eating dogs. He’s warped on so many levels. And especially insulting to Hockey Moms.


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