Obama makes fun of birthers

Last night, at the White House correspondents’ dinner love-fest, Obama made those who question his eligibility and his still-concealed birth certificate a butt of jokes.

Beginning at the 1:00 mark, he first makes fun of Donald Trump, who had asked about the birth certificate. Then, at the 1:38 mark, he really gets into it, saying:

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas. My father was born in Kenya. And I was born, of course in Hawaii.” And with the word “Hawaii,” he makes a big wink (1:48 mark).

Hardee, ha, har, har!

It’s just all a big joke to him.

I can’t wait to wipe that wink off this POS’s face this November.



11 responses to “Obama makes fun of birthers

  1. Me neither Eowyn…The truth will come out eventually.


  2. Two words come to mind about this president impersonator: Pompous Ass


  3. Can’t watch…he makes me ill.


  4. One more thing–I would LIKE to say that I’d love to wipe a smirk off a certain face, but won’t –it would probably be interpreted as a threat to the POTUS. I like creature comforts too much to be thrown in a klinker !


  5. All this cokehead has to do is follow the Hollywood leftist mutants’ scripts. However, I don’t think that faux Greek columns will help him this time round.


  6. Nope, I can’t watch it either. He evokes so many emotions in me…anger, that he is so arrogant…sadness, that our first half black President is such a divider…fear, that this socialist, community organizer, could actually be re-elected…disgust, that he has cheapened the office that he holds and hope that Americans now see who this intruder really is and will vote him out of office in November. God Bless America and I pray for our return to Him.


    • DCG and Debois and others who can’t bear to watch/listen to this man:

      I went back to the video and transcribed his words making fun of the birth issue. You can now read what he said, and not have to listen to him.


  7. Talk about the dog returning to his vomit.


  8. winstonsmith6079

    He and his whole cabal must be stoned, blind or something not to see that their handlers are drawing bulls-eyes on them HOPING that some fool goes overboard!


    • good piece Ragman…a nice breakdown of who voted for Obysmal.
      I was reflecting yesterday on just who could have been deceived
      into the Cult of Obama…and it boiled down to the willfully ignorant.


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