What offends Sarah Silverman?

Not this.

Nor this.

Sarah Silverman: The Message ‘The Bachelor’ Sends to Young Women is ‘Offensive’

THGOutspoken Potty-mouth comedian Sarah Silverman has harsh words for women to choose to  compete on The Bachelor, calling the enterprise “offensive” and degrading.  While being interviewed on the debut episode of Amanda de Cadenet’s The  Conversation Thursday night, the conversation turned to the ABC reality  show.  She is not a fan.

“I’ll tell you what’s offensive about these shows… that are on ABC during  prime time,” she said. “Twenty-five women in JCPenney prom dresses, fully grown,  going, ‘He took us to a castle!’ No he didn’t. Producers procured a castle.  And there’s 25 of you, that’s how special you aren’t,” she added.

Silverman, who recently sparked controversy with this abortion tweet, says that the real problem with the show is not that adults watch and  make fun of it, but that young, impressionable girls think what they’re seeing  is worth emulating.

“I think, ‘Wow, some young girl is watching this, and there should be a warning saying this is not acceptable behavior.’ The biggest thing that a  woman should realize is that there is not just one slot for a woman in any given  thing.”

“I think that’s something that society, men and women both, have enforced.  It’s in the either that one woman’s success can only come at another’s  failure.”

She is now the judge of acceptable behavior?  I’m sure all the young, impressionable girls that saw your abortion tweet think that is worth emulating.  YOU offend ME, Sarah Silverman.



5 responses to “What offends Sarah Silverman?

  1. Sarah Silverman is an obnoxious twit. I remember reading a quote from her about how she was glad Jesus was crucified and that she would be glad to see it happen again-something along that line -and, I thought how one day she will have deep regrets for the hateful words she spews. She will come to know that Jesus is the Messiah-Lord of Lord & King of Kings, one day. I don’t think she is going to feel quite so “cocky”.


  2. I am offended both by Sarah Silverman’s taste in “comedy” and by the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” series, for the reasons Silverman cites (excepting that “aether” reference) as well as other reasons.

    Approximately where does that place me on the moral yardstick that we will all be measured by?



  3. And she has an autobiography entitled “The Bedwetter.” Fitting.


  4. retard… probably a closet dog eater


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