Traffic Cam Hardball in Las Cruces

City of Las Cruces website, where the motto is:”People Helping People”

City Cracks Down on Photo Enforcement Camera Violators

4/23/2012 11:42:00 AM

Las Cruces residents who have unpaid traffic citations from photo enforcement cameras risk having their utilities shut off.

The City is notifying offenders by mail that they have until the due date stated in the letter to pay the fines or make satisfactory payment arrangements. Failure to comply will result in termination of utilities services.

Authority to do so is contained in the Las Cruces Municipal Code, Section 28-10, which states: The city may decline, fail or cease to furnish utility service to any person who may be in debt to the city for any reason, except ad valorem taxes and special assessments.”

There is approximately $2 million in unpaid and delinquent fines from photo enforcement cameras.

In addition to having utilities services terminated, customers will have to pay the $48 fee to re-establish services once the photo enforcement camera fines have been reconciled.

The fine for running a red light or speeding through a lighted intersection where a photo enforcement camera is located is $100 per violation. A $25 default fee will be added if the fine is not paid within the 35-day period stated on the citation.

Photo enforcement cameras are located at the intersection of Lohman Avenue and Telshor Boulevard, Lohman Avenue and Walnut Street and Valley Drive and Avenida de Mesilla – northbound direction.

H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt



6 responses to “Traffic Cam Hardball in Las Cruces

  1. lowtechgrannie

    I checked Wikipedia and didn’t find anything regarding a pervasive offensive smell. What makes it stink?


  2. I wonder how much of that $2M in fines is actually for residents. Being so close to Mexico, they must have many “neighbors” driving through their city.

    I despise stupid traffic cameras. Nothing more than another way to rip money out of our wallets.


  3. …a while back I was doing research on surveilance cameras
    (specifically IR inhibitors for license plates) when I came across
    the solution some clever Brits were using to discourage Big Bro.
    It involved old tires and gasoline …I wish I’d saved the photo
    because the merry blaze warmed my heart.


  4. The people of Las Cruces just need to blast the cameras into itty bitty pieces with shotguns loaded with 000 buckshot.

    If the city is as cash-strapped as it appears, replacing them will quickly become impossible.

    You see, every problem has a solution. 😀



  5. The Harlyguy

    Get serious. This is a draconian law that is too overbearing for the average person who may have missed the Summons that got lost in the mail, and wakes up one morning in the Stone Age (no gas to cook or heat, no electric to turn on lights or A/C and no Tel or Internet service). This needs to be limited to Scofflaws who have not paid 3 or more tickets. We need to organize Protest, and have it changed.


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