Obama lie: My father served in WWII

During the presidential campaign, on June 28, 2008, Obama spoke before a meeting of the NALEO (National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials) in Washington, D.C. There must not have been a teleprompter. Here he is in the fully glory of his ”you know, ah-um” inarticulateness:

“…and you know, we, we’re betraying, erh, what I think is a solemn pact that we make with our veterans. Erh, you know, they, my father served in World War Two, arh, and when he came home, arh, he got the services he needed, arh….”

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was born in Kenya on June 18, 1936.  The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945, which means Obama Sr. was 3 years old when the war began, and nine years old when WWII ended. Sr. died on November 24, 1982 at the age of 46 from an alcohol-fueled car accident.

Obama Jr.’s step-father, the Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, was born in 1935, which means Soetoro was 5 years old when WWII began and 10 years old when it ended. Soetoro died in 1987 at the age of 52.

This imposter in the White House told a bald-faced absurd lie about his father. And yet, we hear nothing about this from the Establishment Media.



16 responses to “Obama lie: My father served in WWII

  1. or maybe he meant Frank Marshal Davis…..or Malcolm X…..or ?????
    it’s all such a mystery ( pile of cr*p! )


  2. could you imagine what would happen if Romney had uttered such a bald faced lie that obama gets away with the crap he pulls is criminal anyone who votes for obama must be an idiot. time to put this corrupt, inept administration to bed.


  3. I appreciate your zeal and attention to detail, but Obama was raised by his grandfather much of his young life and Stan Dunham did serve in the military. So technically he miss-spoke, but I can’t blame him for thinking of Stan Dunham as “father”. I think it’s a mistake to make a big deal of this one. There are SO many other inconsistencies and lies to explore. 😀


    • “There are SO many other inconsistencies and lies to explore.”

      You obviously do not read the many posts on this blog that do exactly that. Click “The Obama Chronicles” under FOTM’s masthead.

      As for your conjecture that Obama was referring to his maternal grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. How do you know that to be the case? Are you a mind-reader? Good try, though, to provide Jr. with the excuse.


      • None of the people I know who were raised by grandparents call them “Mom” and “Dad”…and does that mean “Dreams From My Father” was all about Dunham? Or Obama Sr.? Or Sotero? Or Malcolm X? Or Bill Ayers’ dad? I have a headache…


      • Actually I’m an RSS subscriber and follow your posts regularly. I agree with a great many things and appreciate your content. I have no interest in providing Obummer with an excuse. In my opinion, he is a pathological liar and given the “Gramps” nickname, he probably was lying once again with the embellishment of “Father” to score political gain with sycophants – point well taken. OK then, “Gramps” served in WWII. I am more concerned with his felonious forgeries, ID theft and usurpation, etc. and I am very concerned that he’s a Trojan Horse for the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia or the NWO (all of the above?) seeking the complete destruction of our Country.


        • “I am more concerned with his felonious forgeries, ID theft and usurpation, etc.”

          So are we (see our “Obama Chronicles” page, esp. the links that are colored red). It’s not an either/or false choice. I am concerned with EVERY pathological attribute of this imposter in the White House. His lies are part of the pathological syndrome.


  4. i guess the phrase “whose your daddy” was too much for obama to process so he ate the doggy


    • There should be a thumbs up, a thumbs down and a laugh btton to push. Some of these comments are just humorous! Good one Igor!
      I think the Republicans should use that sound bite in their election campaign…..more lies….with obamas nose growing!!!


  5. you’d feel sorry for his ineptitude if he weren’t
    EVIL and CORRUPT…as are those who support him


  6. Like George Soros?


  7. Satan served in WWII?

    Who knew?

    -And I am only half kidding.



    • I’m thinking Lil’ Adolf…makes as much sense as anything else in his convoluted life story. Ever watch “The Boys From Brazil”? That was a creepy movie…


  8. Obama is a political animal.. he has told one lie after another. the media has laughed these off as just bungle!!


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