The most frightening pic of Obama I’ve ever seen

The other day, I was working on a post about death threats against George Zimmerman. I wanted an appropriate picture to accompany the article. So I did a Google search for images of “blood lust.”

Imagine my surprise when this photo of Obama popped up. It is truly the most frightening pic of Obama I’ve ever seen.

The pic is not a photoshop. It is published on the reputable site, for an article titled “Here’s What Obama REALLY Thinks of Wall Street”. There’s no date for the photo, but it appears to have been taken in September 2009.

Here’s the pic:


What creature is in the White House?

God help us.



17 responses to “The most frightening pic of Obama I’ve ever seen

  1. Even now the thirsty arrow longs to wet itself with the blood of the persecutor. The bow is bent, the aim is taken, the arrow is fitted to the string, and what, O sinner, if the arrow should be let fly at thee even now! Remember, God’s arrows never miss the mark, and are, every one of them, “instruments of death.” Judgment may tarry, but it will not come too late. The Greek proverb saith, “The mill of God grinds late, but grinds to powder.”


  2. What creature is in the White House? An evil one.


  3. Rather like ‘The Shriek’, a painting by Edvard Munch, of an androgynous person howling on a bridge….


  4. Looks like his mask slipped.


  5. Any picture of obama is scary!


  6. Doc,

    That creature in the WH is a communistsocialistmarxistleninistmaoist America Hating/Destroying SUMBITCH! There, that outta clear it up.


  7. it kinda looks like he is trying to deep throat the microphone. totally scary it does look like his mask has fallen off and this is his true image evil incarnate someone who has sold his soul and is now soulless


  8. I’ve seen this picture before and it chilled me then. I’ve noticed many Obama photos have this weird edge to them, I guess the camera doesn’t lie.


  9. Does anyone else smell sulphur or is it just me?


  10. Dunno, either playin’ with blocks

    or watchin’ soccer….


  11. This pic gives me the urge to draw one of those little black moustaches on it; didn’t somebody else have one of those?? Hmmm.


  12. Maybe he was just singing the National Anthem. Really really loud.


  13. Oh, Dr. Eowyn—this is some picture—-. Not that jovial “fun, hip” guy that so many want to portray him as. I have not seen a pic of BHO that looked this evil & angry before, but I have noticed many where his eyes had a look of pure evil and deception in them. The worse part is, I feel this is showing the REAL person—–.


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