Sgt. Gary Stein kicked out of Marine Corps

Sgt. Gary Stein

FoxNews: Today, the Marine Corps gave Sgt. Gary Stein an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members. Stein had criticized President Barack Obama on his personal Facebook page.

Stein has served nearly 10 years in the Marine Corps. He has said he was exercising his free-speech rights.

The other-than-honorable discharge means he loses all benefits.

18 days ago, on April 7, 2012, I had posted a poll asking FOTM readers whether you think the First Amendment free speech right of U.S. soldiers should be restricted. The results of the poll, as of today:

  • “No. Soldiers are U.S. citizens first and foremost. The military will have to find other ways to deal with potential disciplinary problems” – 82.56% (71votes)
  • “Yes. Speech restrictions are in the military code. If soldiers don’t like it, they shouldn’t join.” – 15.12% (13 votes)
  • “I have no opinion” – 2.33% (2 votes)

Clearly, FOTM readers do not agree with the Marine Corps’ decision. In fact, according to a recent Marine Corps Times article, anti-Obama sentiments reportedly are rising in the U.S. Marine Corps.

~Eowyn & DCG


14 responses to “Sgt. Gary Stein kicked out of Marine Corps

  1. every marine that believes as sgt. stein should stand behind him unity and strength in groups if they all said the same thing there wouldn’t be as many marines left for obama to kill. because thats what it seems he is intent on doing sending troops everywhere in fruitless skirmishes that get combat troops killed.


  2. As a veteran I do agree with this Marine’s opinion, but he and every man and woman in the military knows we gave up certain rights when we joined voluntarily. Those comments were not appropriate. If a soldier had done the same thing under Bush, he or she would have been subject to the same punishment. We have rules and regulations in the military (UCMJ) and they have to be followed or there can be dire consequences. We all know this when we join. Perhaps this will initiate a change in the law.


    • Ed,

      What’s your opinion on Stein’s other-than-honorable discharge? That strikes me as really harsh, after 10 years of good service.


      • I agree that it was harsh, but the UCMJ rules may have limited the flexibility on discharge status. I wasn’t a military lawyer and I’m not privy to all the details in this case.


      • Execessive… and purposely so. This is Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) material at best… but then he could’ve demanded a general courtmartial and mosly likely gotten acquitted (and yelled-at by the judge for having a bad attitude about how he expressed that he wouldn’t follow “unlawful orders”). OTH discharges are usually given when bad behavior has been established otherwise (by civilian conviction, adultery proven in divorce court, etc.) or in lieu of being courtmartialed (which the person has to choose to accept)… and not by themselves. He’ll have grounds to appeal and probably get damages for civil rights violations… but that’ll take years, $$$ and a willing lawyer he might not have.


    • What about Watada and his defiance to go to war and his vocal criticism of Bush? He was court martialed, ended up in retrial, and when Obama took office his DOJ dropped the case. I know he was discharged as well yet I don’t understand why the DOJ would drop the court martial case – other than this DOJ appears to have odd priorities, IMO.


  3. During the Clinton years this was a daily event in staff meetings, but we didn’t have social media providing the evidence. I was a mid-level AF officer, but we had senior officers (Generals) making jokes and demeaning comments about Clinton all the time. Hell, if we had FB then we’d be short a lot of officers


  4. I guess we’ve all been fired one way or another. President Obama is not concerned about any of us and certainly not marines who talk smack about him publicly.
    They seem to spend a lot of time over there in the WH scouring facebook and the like for people baggin on him.
    When they’re not out scouting for venues for their next junket. The marine in question should be pleased to be a role model for the members of the armed forces, if only everyone in the military would just say that they’ve had it with this man’s incessant wars……………………which one of them or us is looking forward to thermonuclear controntation with Russia and China. This guy is a National Hero, I pray that he will be on every talk show and have book deals offered him, and speaking tours, and help clarify the situation we’re in to hundred of people who have fallen asleep at the wheel.
    What wimps the guys in charge over there at the Pentagon are, will they have the guts to say no to invading Syria without Congress saying go on ahead.
    Has he threatened them all, and if so, with what?
    Are the Secret Service and those guys in the Military who have gotten laid off because of the Cartagena scandal been told to cover for the WH crew? Are they going to carry the can for them? The military is being made a fool of and it’s a crying shame.


  5. this should have been just a Captains Mast and reprimand
    but the Sarge was standing on his rights and wouldn’t back down,
    hence the administrative compromise…he didn’t end up in
    Leavenworth and he didn’r receive honorable recognition .
    If they did band together as a group it could be construed as
    mutiny…and that never ends well,either.


  6. edward oleander

    I don’t think Sgt. Stein can use a Free Speech defense here. He wasn’t just stating a negative opinion about his boss, he was outlining an intended course of action: He was stating that he would NOT follow an order from his Commander-in-Chief. This was compounded by his doing so in print, so that it couldn’t be denied or ignored as hearsay. In the civilian world, this would be more than enough to get him terminated, which also would terminate any benefits he might have received.

    The military has always been known for it’s inflexibility and harsh discipline. If what he did could have brought about a firing-with-cause in a civilian job, then after ten years in the USMC, Sgt. Stein should have known better.

    Before anyone argues that a civilian would have been covered by Free Speech for work place comments, you better do the google… Not two months ago, MY employer fired one of (in my opinion) our best techs, because she wrote comments on Facebook criticizing our boss, and another employee. Her lawyer told her it wasn’t worth it to fight the termination in court. Attacking your boss, in writing, in public, IS a terminating offense. It has lots of precedent, and isn’t going to change soon. Why would we expect the military to be MORE lenient?

    All the veterans here will have to admit that the military isn’t just another employer. ANY military structure is founded and exists solely on discipline. Anyone who has seen the film adaptation of Melville’s “Billy Budd” sees this played out in the extreme.


  7. Praise the Lord!! God truly rewarded that young man for his faithfulness to conviction. God is calling all Christians out of the “US” (UN) military. God doesn’t want Christians fighting JIHAD for the 666 beast UN one world govt army — setting up the Muslim Brotherhood in nations with the Koran as Constitution. It’s all setting up the kill grid of the 666 beast State, system — and God kept that young man from the sins that those who are not full of conviction will commit. (Many of them are committing suicide now.) Nationalist Christians are backslidden Christians who commit many sins in the name of a flag. They’ll even serve the 666 beast. This young man was removed from those errors. Praise the Lord.


  8. I believe that you sign away your rights, ironically, when you sign up to protect the rights of American citizens as a soldier. I think Stein knew this, or should have. Maybe this will be the cause for a change in the law, or it will certainly be a very strong anti-incentive to join the military to anyone who values his personal freedom of speech. The idea I do like, presented here by Alice Wolf, is that if Mr. Stein plays his options right, he can more than replace his lost benefits by the book and interview deals he can cut about his experiences here. That option would seem to be a lot more fruitful than trying to sue the US Military for what is very likely a lost cause.


  9. Wait a minute? So Hussein is caught on tape bad mouthing Americans, something about bible toting, bitter, gun clingers. At one of his haughty taughty elite liberal fundraisers and given a rolled out red carpet to the Presodency? Refund please! (I hope I don’t get tracked down and destroyed for having an opinion, darn that Bush)

    This Marine said he would not obey “unlawful” orders, as is his sworn duty, uses his own private facebook page and time to take differing views with a sitting democrat administration. Bad move, the left always has and always will see the military as either a whipping boy or photo op. No room left for love. There are a bunch of “Bradley Manning” types running around in the services doing the good work that their community organizer counselors “encouraged” them to do before enlisting. Also doesn’t the left view Manning as a hero?

    Goodbye America, she was a good run.


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