Pray for Bo



3 responses to “Pray for Bo

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, this prayer is for Bo, who lives in the WH. Lord God, let him find a way to go to a new home where he is not used as a publicity stunt and would be able to be around a real family, in a real home. He may not have ever experienced anything like dogs usually do, he is always being called names and even his sexuality is made fun of. I know you came for us but even the dogs under the table get crumbs, so thank you LORD.


    • Hello Sage. I love animals and I thank the LORD for our two cats everyday. Dogs are great too, I loved the film of the dog and the cat playing together, and the article on FOTM about the way dogs paws have a special heating mechanism when they are running in the snow.


  2. Do you know who his master REALLY is…I thought I had an idea.
    but this may shock you .
    I think we’d best start praying fervently for the world :


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