Mom surprised by ultrasound of baby

A woman in London got a wonderful surprise when she went for an ultrasound of the baby in her womb.

As reported by Steven Ertelt for, May 24, 2010, Marie Boswell got a clear signal from her 20-week-old unborn baby that all is well:

“It was really funny,” the 35-year-old mother said of the ultrasound picture she had at Wythenshawe Hospital, near her home in Manchester. She told the London Daily Mail newspaper:

“I went to the scan with my friend and my mum and we were all just laughing. He was giving us the thumbs up, it was just so clear.  We couldn’t believe it. I have big hands, but nothing on the scale of his. We’re thinking he might make a good goalkeeper. I’ve never seen a scan like this before – but we love it. I’ve been keeping it in a book because I want to show it to him when he is older.”

Shari Richard, a pioneer of the use of ultrasound, believes it has the power to stop abortions.  More than a million American women will have an abortion in 2010 and 44% of American women — nearly 1 in 2 women! — will have an abortion at some point in their lifetime, Richard says.

With improvements in the imaging taking a two-dimensional picture and moving it into the world of 3D and 4D, Richard is not surprised that more Americans are becoming pro-life and more are opting against an abortion.  “Ultrasound technology is credited with an important role in changing attitudes. If women see images of their unborn children, and are educated about developing life in the womb, they are less likely to abort,” she says.

Richard personally experienced the grief and pain of abortion but, in 1990, through Sound Wave Images, she produced the videos Ultrasound: a Window to the Womb and Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life, now seen by millions, to show fetal development and facts related to the emotional and physical trauma of abortion.

In 1990, Shari Richard went to Washington, D.C. to testify as a key witness on fetal development before the House and Senate subcommittees against the “Freedom of Choice Act” (HR25; S.25). If enacted into law, the bill would nullify any current state laws enacted to restrict abortion-on-demand for the full nine months of pregnancy. Shockingly, the House committee chairman Rep. Don Edwards (D-CA) refused to allow  Richard to present the ultrasound clips. Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-WI) accused Edwards, of “gagging” a pro-life witness: “Never in my ten years on this subcommittee has there been an attempt to try to tell a witness how to present their testimony…this is an attempt to censor a pro-life witness (as) video presentations are used all the time (and is) not in the keeping of a subcommittee that is supposed to be concerned about civil rights and freedom of speech.”

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2 responses to “Mom surprised by ultrasound of baby

  1. I had an ultrasound taken @ 14 weeks and there were two BIG little feet kicking just where I told my doctor who insisted it was just gas. Those feet are now size 13’s. He and his sister supported the prolife hero in Canada attending a hearing with me at City Hall when they were 2&3 years old. We were interviewed for TV and who knows how our story helped some young girl make a decision for life. My daughter was adopted. Thank goodness her birth mother chose life!
    I hear now that there are no babies for families to adopt. That has to change. TOO MANY ABORTIONS ARE KILLING TOO MANY BABIES!


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