How to solve the problem of Islam

Answer: Get every Muslim to be a suicide bomb instructor!

H/t Joseph



5 responses to “How to solve the problem of Islam

  1. ROFL !!! Some good comic relief is ALWAYS welcomed !! Thanks , I needed that !!


  2. I make every effort to avoid being racist, but as this is a deliberately chosen, self-determined terminal stupidity, I felt it was an OK jibe. Just do your “take outs” a mile or more from my family and friends!


    • My take is that Arabic, or Semitic is the race, Islam is a religio-political system and way of life. Hating someone because they’re Arabic is racist. Despising a person’s creed/religion/way of life is no different than despising the Communist, Democrat, Republican or Whig parties, or disapproving of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Mormonism, or Satanism. Just because the majority of the Arabic race is Muslim doesn’t make it racist to despise Islam


  3. Terry, this was a ‘Three Stooges’ kind of gaff, so yah, normally there would only be bits ‘n’ pieces, but that won’t leave ’em thinking, just stinking….


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